At a time when most young people are still trying to manage the bumpy transition from academia to the workplace, Max Meade, 26, seems to have settled into a comfortable niche: He is a self-described cannabis insurance advisor at Brown & Brown Metro, a near 23-year-old New Jersey-based insurance brokerage. For Meade, a Temple University grad with a bachelor’s degree in risk management and insurance, having a job that synthesizes his background and training with an interest in a booming, albeit fragmented, industry is the perfect platform to educate those who may be unaware that viable insurance options for cannabis businesses exist. And they are not only offered by startups, but by top carriers.

“When I first started,” said Meade, who joined Brown & Brown Metro three years ago, “people did not realize there was insurance for cannabis. But now with more states legalizing, insurance is beginning to progress and change.”

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