Why Is CBD Expensive?

It’s the question everyone new to the CBD world asks themselves: why is CBD oil so expensive?

It’s easy to understand why, too. Often CBD products contain only a small amount and don’t always last a decent length of time. So why should you be shelling out your hard earned cash for something so small?

Today we’re going to shed a little light on the expenses and unseen costs that go into producing a quality CBD oil products. It’s our hope that at the end we might have stirred your curiosity, and maybe even convince some people to give it a try. Let’s get started.

But It’s So Small?

Ever seen a CBD tincture or oil? Bit on the small side? Is it worth a chunk of cash? Yeah, we understand your apprehension at spending so much money on what looks like a very inadequate amount of CBD. But, unfortunately making a quality CBD product ain’t cheap.

CBD Oil Reviews

Producers of quality CBD oil want to make a strain that is rich in CBD, and not some inferior product. That is, of course, assuming you’re buying from a reputable source. You’ve done your homework on this company, right? When buying the best CBD oils in the UK, it’s always a good idea to search for CBD oil reviews on a product. CBD reviews can help indicate as to whether a product is reputable or not.

CBD Is An Exclusive Commodity

Well, assuming that you have then there are a number of factors driving up the price of the CBD. First of all, CBD can only be grown in certain countries or states, and any limitation or exclusivity adds up. Most CBD Oil is legal in the UK, however, it’s always best practice to research current laws before purchasing CBD oil. General confusion surrounding the legality of cannabis and cannabis products is a constant issue among consumers.

Added to that there are heavy taxes placed on the growth of legal cannabis cultivation. And on top of that are a lot of licensing fees due to the amount of government oversight there needs to be.

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Additionally, in certain countries, like the United Kingdom, there are only a specific number of growers that can get a license. So licenses are very rare and often end up going to friends and family of the UK government.

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Spending Money To Make Money

CBD is truly a business where you need to be bringing a lot of cash to play just to even start your business. After all the legalities are taken care of there’s the matter of storing and maintaining your stock. Cannabis is a tough and durable plant but it requires certain temperatures and continuous levels of care. In some locales, that’s simply impossible to do. The prices get high, forgive the expression, really quickly.

And then after all that, once a business has got itself set up with a decent CBD supplier, the products themselves will be heavily taxed. This, naturally, drives up the price.

Should You Be Paying This Amount For CBD Oil?

Like we said up top, we understand why you might be a bit nervous shelling out this kind of money for CBD. You look at these tiny bottles sitting on the shelf, massive price tag, and you wonder, is this worth it? Well hopefully you know by now but clearly the production of CBD involves innumerable obstacles.

There’s not just the practical and legal difficulties, there’s also public stigma to contend with. People starting CBD companies know that there are those that will just say it’s simply cannabis. That the proprietors are really drug dealers. This negative image is unrelenting and can create a real strain on decent business owners.

Best Way To Take CBD Oil

Choosing The Right CBD Oil For You

And a final question you should probably ask yourself if you’re unsure about CBD. What if it really works? We know that there is still quite a lot of research to be done on the effects and potential benefits of CBD. But what if it really worked? If it could really do all the things people claim it can. Would it be worth it then? There’s only one way to find out after all.

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