Say what you want about Las Vegas, but there’s no denying that Sin City lives up to its larger-than-life reputation. Nonstop entertainment, check. Garish lights, check. Smoky casinos bustling with big winners and hopeless dreamers, check and check. But one thing the Civilized team didn’t expect to stumble upon while visiting Las Vegas last month was ancient medical marijuana. But that’s what we found when we stopped by the Erotic Heritage Museum on Sammy Davis Jr. Drive, right across from Trump Tower.

The Erotic Heritage Museum is best known for hosting burlesque shows, erotic art and provocative exhibits that challenge taboos and educate about the history of human sexuality. And that includes medical marijuana, which has been part of women’s reproductive health for millennia, according to the venue’s cannabis exhibit.

Wedged between the museum’s wall of placards recalling key moments in the fight for civil liberties in America, and a gallery of current and historic forms of contraception is a nook filled with useful information on the role cannabis has played in human sexuality for ages. Women have used cannabis to treat menstrual pain since at least 2737 BCE. And cannabis became a popular aphrodisiac in India in the 7th century BCE.

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