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Tuesday, December 3, 2019
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With the cannabis legalization boom, more and more cannabis organizations are looking for solutions to help automate their packaging processes. Dura-Pack has been helping cannabis organizations streamline their packaging operations for decades. Dura-Pack’s iconic DL series of vibratory filling systems includes the DL-215, a dual feeder, dual lane system ideal for weighing and filling a variety of cannabis and marijuana edibles and products. The DL-215 utilizes a vibratory feeder to pull product from the bulk supply hopper and dispense into the scale bucket. Preset weights are entered in the intuitive touchscreen interface and dictate the feed rate and duration to correctly dose your product. Once the proper weight is achieved, feedback from an operator or automated packaging machine control each dump cycle. the DL-215 utilizes preset weights that are entered in the intuitive touchscreen

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