cannabis packaging

Long gone are those days when cannabis was wholly classified under the group of substances that harmed society. Today, the picture has completely reversed with the discovery of cannabis as one of the most influential natural substitutes that can be employed in treating several diseases owing to their anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidative properties. This unearthing of the fact has led to the legalization of both medicinal and recreational cannabis alike across various states in the USA which in turn has resulted in its surging demand. In order to suffice these increasing stipulations, cannabis production companies are in search of efficient solutions that will allow them to furnish their products with an automatic packaging process, and in cases like these, what else could be a better solution apart from Dura-Pack for all their packaging solutions?

One thing that every cannabis manufacturer aims at before releasing their product in the market apart from its quality and cost-effectiveness is a strapping means of packaging that will keep the stuff inside safe and fresh for a long time. Dura-back, thereby, initiates the packaging process with a string of automated vibratory filling machines and pouch bagging machines to keep the original essence of the cannabis and CBD infused edibles intact. In the following section, we will offer you a short preview of the equipment utilized by the company and the benefits accompanying them.

Automated Vibratory Filling machines

DL-115: The DL-115 is the ideal choice for weighing and filling CBD edibles including candies, chocolates, gummies and a series of other products. This machine primarily capitalizes on a vibratory feeder to first scoop out the products from bulk supply hopper and then release it in the bucket thus, eliminating the role of all forms of mediators. The optimum weights are entered before the commencement of the process and once the figure is reached, the machine gets started with the dumping cycles.

DL-121: The method of packaging used by the DL-121 is similar to that of the preceding kind, but is put to use specifically when the cannabis products require an extremely high level of accuracy while maintaining high fill cycle rates.

DL-215: Another automatic cannabis packaging machine from the house of Dura-Pack, the DL-215 is a dual feeder and dual-lane system that works best when weighing and filling different species of cannabis and marijuana edibles and products into their bags.

Pouch bagging machines

Automated dual bagging system: This is Dura-Pack’s all-in-one solution that takes over filling, weighing, bagging and sealing cannabis in pre-made pouches. Furthermore, they are allotted with several high-functioning baggers and weighers that measures and dispenses CBD products in the most accurate amounts.  

Reasons to choose Dura-Pack

  • Dura-Pack has been in the packaging market since 1971 which is enough to imply the fact that the equipment and the methods implemented in their services are full-proof, highly effective and bear the traits of superior standardization.
  • This packaging company is the one-stop solution for all your packaging concerns; after diligently analyzing the variety and weight of the product that will be used, they delineate a customized plan that will suit your requirements the best.
  • Lastly, one should form no discrepancies regarding the constitution of the cannabis packaging equipment brought into play as all of them are manufactured and used in Michigan itself.