With a new year on the horizon comes a tasty new batch of food trends, and here we round up five that we think will be super hot for 2019.

From more plant-based everything to infused H2O – these will be the biggest food trends in Canada in 2019.

With a growing amount of people gravitating towards a healthier, more balanced diet, 2019 is set to be a big year for plant-based eating. Foods like tahini, seaweed, tofu, and seitan will all be on the rise, with demand for “healthier” grub crossing over into the delivery space, too. With veggie-rich cuisines no longer geared solely for vegetarians or vegans, the rise of the Pegan diet (a cross-over between Paleo and Vegan) will also take center stage, with more and more meat-eaters looking for new and creative ways to inject plant-based foods in their routines.

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