Through the doggy door is a documentary about the life of Sheldon Paishon, his struggles with homelessness on the west side of Oahu and his endless desire to chase his dream of becoming a professional surfer. Although the film has only recently begun to take shape, the beginning of this story came to life when professional surfer Mason Ho took Sheldon under his wing roughly a decade ago. The long rough road for Sheldon has slowly started to take shape with many helping hands, which has set the stage in 2019 for the journey to glory and professional surfing to become a reality.


Sheldon “Shel-Doggy Door” Paishon, was born and raised on the rugged shores of Oahu’s Westside, home to the famous Makaha beach. The island paradise of the west side is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, yet the community has been largely impacted by poverty, drug abuse and the harsh realities that come along with it. Often times people think Hawaii and all they dream of is an island paradise… For Sheldon, growing up was indeed a paradise, but more like a paradise lost. At a very young age Sheldon’s parents fell on difficult times and found themselves living in a tent on the beach for many years. Despite the challenges Sheldon faced through his adolescence, Sheldon just kept surfing…all day every day!! Through the helping hands of others and a deep passion for the sport, Sheldon has risen to the edge of sustaining a career as a professional surfer. He recently claimed his first Pro Tour victory in Tahiti, March of 2018 and this is just the start!!

Mason and Sheldon have known each other since they were kids, but more recently Mason has stepped into the older brother role and has begun mentoring Sheldon and showing him the way into the professional surfing world, even when it means funding Sheldon’s ventures out of his own pocket!! Mason has taken Sheldon around the globe and even managed to support a big decision made by legendary surf brand Rip Curl to offer Sheldon a professional contract, which is also Mason’s title sponsor. This will allow Sheldon to take on the 2019 season in attempt to chase his dream of qualifying for the championship tour.


The film focuses on Sheldon’s struggles as a kid and follows his progress from a very young reckless teen to a more matured individual with drive and focus.  The story will dive into the depths of Sheldon’s life and challenges he faced as a homeless teen, along with the community members that helped him along his reckless journey. The story reveals the socio-economic realities and hardships for locals on the west Oahu shores and will bring to life the inspirational journey Sheldon has endured.

With the help from Alani media and Rory Pringle productions, Mason and Sheldon have set out to not only create an amazing surf film covering different parts of the globe absolutely ripping… The film will create awareness for the state of Hawaii and the challenges many locals face every single day. I believe kids will look to Sheldon as a person that proved not matter what odds you are up against, there is always hope!! 

To be continued…