This weekend, Christmas trees went up across the land, and Iowa’s medical cannabis market began serving patients. Now, what’s next? The sativa Cherry-AK is trending, along with the THC gum Joygum, and Ru-Paul’s Holi-slay Special. Brace yourself for ‘Hit This’, Leafly’s weekly cannabis culture outlook.

Shopping List

Sativa to Watch— AK-47. Never mind the name, this hard-hitting classic sativa is sweetest as the “Cherry” AK variety. Spotted at Cannabis Provisions, WA. Popular in Las Vegas, NV and Phoenix, AZ.

Productivity Hack— Cut through the dispensary menu clutter with these pro tips for shopping the fall outdoor harvest.

Productive Product—Colorado’s precision-dosed Joygum keeps it to just ten lab-tested milligrams of THC per watermelon spearmint piece.