The Green Ace

With the legalization of marijuana in most countries around the world, people are now eager to find the best stores to purchase their favorite products. Although the market is loaded with so many competitors in this industry, people often find it difficult to choose the most reliable platform for their needs. But if you live in Canada, you can access the top quality weed from The Green Ace store.

This dispensary is located in British Columbia, and these professionals are known for delivering top-quality cannabis products. At the same time, they also improve the information access for the cannabis-related products to the interested buyers. The Canadian community can avail all essential details about the medical benefits of cannabis products through this trustworthy store online.

If you are interested in buying cannabis products online, prefer to check the official website of The Green Ace store. This top-rated online dispensary can offer you fast shipping for all high-quality products. Moreover, they allow users to complete all orders through discreet ordering process while ensuring complete satisfaction to the buyers.

The Green Ace

The Green Ace is a popular BC-based online dispensary that is serving buyers in Canada for the past several years. They are known for delivering Grade A medical marijuana online, and the orders can be placed by any person who is above 19 years. The prime motive of this company is to serve needy people with easy access to medical marijuana. As Supreme Court has finally authorized people to buy medical marijuana in prescribed amount through licensed dispensaries, anyone can order desired products from The Green Ace platform.

Placing an order for medical marijuana is very easy with The Green Ace platform. They have designed an interactive and feature-rich website for serving buyers with marijuana product collections; with this well-designed platform, the purchase process becomes quite easier. In order to find the most suitable product for your needs, simply visit the product page of this company. Here you will find a long list of all high-quality marijuana products. Those who are ordering the products for the very first time might be confused about how to complete the process. Well, don’t worry. Professionals at The Green Ace make this task quite easier for beginners as well. You can simply visit the “How to Order” tab available on the top of the webpage. It contains a step-by-step guide to help beginners understand that entire ordering process. The best thing to know for buyers is that The Green Ace platform offers a wide collection of products including mouth-watering edibles and potent flowers as well.

Coupon codes at The Green Ace platform:

Everyone loves to purchase things with special discounts. The great news is that The Green Ace platform can provide you this opportunity for buying weed products as well. One of the best coupons that you can use for buying products at this platform is Green10; it can offer you a 10% discount online. Note that, this coupon code is available for a limited time period; you must use it as soon as possible to get your favorite medical marijuana products from The Green Ace platform. There is no need to put additional efforts to apply this coupon code for your product purchase; the discount is automatically applied at the time of checkout.

The great news is that some freebies are also included in your every purchase that you make on The Green Ace website. As per another discount offer, when you make a purchase for more than $150 or more, the website offers you 2 grams free. However, if you spend more than $250 on this platform, you can avail 3.5 grams free. Those who are interested in making a heavy purchase of $500 can avail 7 grams free with their pack.


There are around 10 to 15 cannabis strain collections on the Green Ace platform. Although many online dispensaries also provide 30 to 40 strains on their store, you will find a huge difference in quality. People who have already tried products from other stores reveal that the quality of products on The Green Ace website is truly incomparable and completely satisfying. Once your order from this dispensary, you will definitely love to return in the future as well. The Green Ace is known for higher customer retention. Moreover, the new arrivals keep on entertaining the varying needs of existing and new customers as well. Some of the most popular products in this category are:

Pineapple Express:

One of the best strains offered by The Green Ace is Pineapple Express. It is a sativa-dominant hybrid, the best cross between flavored Hawaiian and potent Trainwreck. Some of you might have heard about Pineapple Express from a comedy movie that was released in the year 2008, but once you use this product in reality, it will serve you with most amazing tropical flavors that ensure higher energy levels as well. Medical health experts recommend this product for treating loss of appetite, stress, fatigue, and depression as well. You can buy one gram of pineapple express by paying $11 only and one-ounce costs $210 only.

Tom Ford Pink Kush:

Here is an indica-dominant strain that may go high on first-time smokers. The THC content in this product is somewhere between 23 to 25%; it is much high as compared to other products. This product is commonly recommended for people affected by insomniacs. It is also capable enough to treat depression, stress, and anxiety-like disorders.


Eating cannabis gives almost the same pleasure as that of smoking weed products. People that are not able to handle the toughness of smoking often prefer to look for edibles to meet their routine needs. The Green Ace can offer you a huge collection of flavors in the form of gummy treats that you can enjoy on the go. Some of the best products in this list are cherry bombs, fizzy cola, sour sucker, and blue raspberry gummies. Below we the best products in this category:

8 variety sampler pack:

It is possible to buy 8 different varieties of strains in 8 variety of sampler packs. In case if you are not interested in buying all 8 strains at once, you can also place an order for just four strains in the maximum two-gram package; or even order only two strains with four-gram quantity. You can think of buying Money Maker, Lemon Sour Diesel, and Pink Kush to enjoy the best flavors.

Ounce Mix & Match:

You can place an order for four unique strains by paying only $200. In case if you are new to the smoking world, this product is the ideal choice; you will definitely like its flavor. Note that, the Green Ace offers 15 unique strains and you can pick any of these at a reasonable price. Some of the best strains in the list of edibles include Strawberry Cheesecake, Pineapple Express, and Death Bubba.

Shipping policies at The Green Ace platform:

You will be happy to hear that The Green Ace platform offers a safe and discrete shipping experience to all buyers around the world. All products at this platform are vacuum sealed so that odors cannot escape out of the pack. Moreover, the deliveries are confirmed with buyer’s signatures to ensure safe and trouble-free access. You can choose any of the available products online and make payment through a safe portal on the website. All the orders are processed within one working day after order confirmation.

Note that, all packages ordered by users on this platform are transferred via Xpresspost and if you spend more than $510 for purchase, the deliveries are totally free. Once the order is shipped through delivery service, the tracking number is immediately provided to the buyers so that they can check the progress from time to time. In general, people that place an order from BC are likely to receive the delivery faster as compared to those who are situated in other corners of Canada. They do not just think about making products easily available to the buyers, but at the same time, they also follow the rules and regulations set by the government. These experienced professionals can handle medical marijuana products in the best possible manner. Once you get registered on this platform and you are above 19 years of age, all your orders can be processed fast.

It is possible to complete the payment online through Canadian Bank; to do this, buyers simply need to complete the transaction through Interac e-Transfer online. In case if you are unfamiliar with the online purchase process, The Green Ace platform can also provide you detailed information about it. In simple words, you need to make payment in the form of dollars and provide an address for delivery of your desired product. The customer service professionals at the Green Ace platform are always ready to serve your needs. You can contact them through emails any time between 9 am to 5 pm.