The 2018 election is next week, which means it’s time for the fourth and final installment of my series on the best and worst members of Congress on marijuana policy. After writing about the best U.S. House members, worst U.S. House members, and best U.S. Senators, it’s not time to focus on the five worst U.S. Senators.

Once again, my team and I evaluated members based on voting records, public statements, committee positions, and other factors to determine which Senators have done the most damage to America’s marijuana laws. As always, determining these rankings was difficult — in NORML’s grading of all 100 Senators, 16 received an “F” and 23 received a “D.”

In looking at the final rankings, you will notice a trend that is in line with observations from my list of the best Senators: seniority is inversely related to support for marijuana legalization. The list below includes the 4th, 5th, and 6th most senior Senators, while the list of best Senators was dominated by the most junior members.

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