Switching to Vaping Could Save 6.6 Million American Lives, Study estimates that there are roughly 20.8 million Vapers worldwide, and a large majority of these individuals have used ecigarettes to break away from the burden of smoking cigarettes. This statistic is substantial, as tobacco has been scientifically proven to kill, and is the number one preventable death in the US, causing 480,000 deaths a year in the US alone. These statistics are enough to make you really consider the consequences of smoking on your health, your wallet, and the environment. There is really no benefit of smoking to anyone except the government, the tobacco companies, and the pharmaceutical industry. Despite the warnings and detrimental health consequences of smoking, there are still almost one billion smokers worldwide, more than one eighth of the population.

Since the popularity of ecigarettes in Canada has slowly increased, and many smokers have turned to the healthier alternative, there has been a significant decrease in the apparent consequences of cigarettes. Aside from the benefits to the environment that smoking cessation on a global plane would provide, what are the effects on the population itself? How do vaping affect general life expectancy and annual death rates?


According to a study performed by the Georgetown Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center published in the tobacco control journal, there could be a staggering 6.6 million lives saved by switching from smoking to vaping.  This study was performed to find legitimate statistics on the benefits of vaping as opposed to smoking cigarettes. The research team considered both the worst and best cases of the statistics to demonstrate even in the poorest possible case, the statistics still showed the benefits of vaping. The study also considered a wide range of factors and variables, in concluding their findings. There is a consideration of the toxicity of both ecigarette products, harm reducing strategies, and partial smoking cessation vs. a complete shift from smoking to vaping. Since the government makes such a substantial amount of revenue on taxes from cigarette sales, there has been little official information proving the benefits of switching to vaping. Most of the previous research on this topic has been disputed by the FDA on grounds that the study was not performed in the US, and there is a possibility they may dispute this study based on fabricated circumstances, but the facts are evident. The study found two different outcomes, considering the most pessimistic situation, and the most optimistic situation. Regardless of which outcome is considered, the facts are still evident, vaping saves lives and is a healthier alternative by a landslide.

Over a ten year period…

  1. Worst case scenario, the shift to vaping will still save 1.6 million lives, or 160,000 lives per year, with a combined 20.8 million years of life
  2. Best case scenario, the shift to vaping could potentially save 6.6 million lives, with a combined 86.7 million years of life


These numbers are incredibly substantial, and the quality of life would also be increased with lowered disease rates, disability rates, and obesity rates. Additionally, second hand smoke deaths, which accounts for 41,000 of deaths in the USA a year.




Well, in terms of how you can help, the simplest solution would be that every smoker switched to an ecigarette in Canada, but this starts with you. If you aren’t a smoker yourself, you can encourage friends and family to consider the healthier alternative. If every smoker does their part to become informed, Image Source:

and to make the shift for themselves, the problem would be easily resolved. Although this is not the most realistic outcome, there are other factors to consider for this study’s findings to become a reality. The government would have to release information outlining the benefits of making the shift, and confirming that vaping is, in fact, a healthier alternative to smoking cigarettes. Since the Canadian government collects $8 billion dollars on cigarette tax annually, this shift would not be financially wise for them to condone. Considering the wellbeing of the country as a whole, the government should be outlining the benefits of switching to ecigarettes in Canada from smoking. To raise the well-being, life expectancy and general health of the population, vaping should be the favored alternative to smoking cigarettes, and should be promoted substantially more than it is presently. Check out your Toronto vape shop, and ask them how you can help! There are many things that your local Toronto vape shop can suggest including rally details, petitions and more! Go ask the experts how you can do your part to help the ecigarette ban today!