CANNABIS CULTURE – Vancouver’s new city council is launching a Christmas war on dispensaries! CLICK HERE NOW TO TAKE ACTION!

This week the city of Vancouver won a court case against 29 local dispensaries. Even though we’re launching an appeal, the city is demanding they all shut down by December 31!

Local dispensaries are still needed! Canada’s legal cannabis system is a long way from providing reasonable access. There’s only two legal shops in the whole province of BC. There’s also chronic shortages of legal cannabis, a problem which is expected to last for a few more years!

Medical cannabis patients are having a harder time accessing medicinal-grade cannabis now than they were before October 17. Truly medicinal products like extracts, suppositories and edibles are still not available at all.

Plus, research from the US shows that local dispensaries produce a significant reduction in opioid overdoses and deaths. Closing dispensaries in the middle of this deadly opioid crisis is only going to cause more death and misery!

Vancouver’s dispensary bylaws were written in 2016 by Vision Vancouver. The new city council should update and revise them.

Please call Mayor Kennedy Stewart at 604-873-7621, and ask him to stop Vancouver’s dispensary crackdown!

Dispensary operators that want to continue serving patients are being threatened with a charge of Contempt of Court. Ironically, this is the same charge which Mayor Stewart himself pled guilty to, after protesting the Kinder Morgan pipeline!

Please call Mayor Stewart today, or click here to send him an email. Tell the Mayor that dispensaries are indispensable, and ask that Vancouver hold off on raids and crackdowns, at least until the legal system is more in place.

Instead of threats and raids, Vancouver City Hall should be revisiting their dispensary bylaws, and changing them to more open and fair.

Vancouver’s outdated dispensary bylaws were passed by Vision Vancouver in 2016, when Harper was in power. These bylaws are very restrictive and are written so that the majority of dispensaries in the city simply can’t comply. Now that the federal laws have changed, Vancouver’s tight restrictions on cannabis store locations don’t make sense anymore.

For example, if the city changed the rule that blocks dispensaries from opening with 300 metres of a school to a more reasonable 150 metres, the same as alcohol, this would allow many more local dispensaries to apply for a permit and keep operating. Other unfair zoning rules, like the city’s total ban on dispensaries in the Downtown Eastside, should also be fixed.

Please call the Mayor, and also send an email by clicking here. Please be polite. We can win this battle and keep dispensaries open in Vancouver, if we all work together and make our voices heard.

Thank you for your support.

Dana Larsen
Director, Sensible BC

PS: Please post this message on your social media and email it to your friends. We need to spread the word and get everyone involved!

PPS: You can also call Councillor Adriane Carr, Vancouver Green Leader, at 604-873-7245, and call NPA Councillor Lisa Dominato at 604-873-7248. Click here to email all city councillors.