cannabis seeds

Spring is the time for marijuana home growers to prepare for marijuana cultivation. There are many things that make cannabis similar to many other crops that home gardeners might be used to. Especially since that, they have the same key ingredients such as soil and light. However, besides this, the cannabis plant also required some special expertise that needs to be taken into consideration.

So, in preparation of the 2019 planting season, you need to take the following things in mind when setting up your home garden:

Choosing a garden space

The first step to growing cannabis is to find a space that will work best for its cultivation. Cannabis needs plenty of sunlight, therefore, the more direct sunlight the plants receive the better they will do in the outdoor season.

You also need to take in mind that the space you choose has good water drainage and healthy soil. Other considerations include protection from high winds, privacy, and accessibility.

Building a healthy soil

The success of your garden depends on the quality of your soil. Therefore, it is important to invest in feeding your soil. To give your plants a strong start, you should add nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium to promote the flowering later into the season. Cannabis plants consume plenty of calcium and nitrogen.

Besides taking the compounds of the soil into consideration, you also need to think about the soil’s structure as this is also something that matters. Experts recommend turning the soil over with a shovel while amending it with new nutrients to improve its structure.

Taking into consideration the plant size

Privacy matters sometimes need to be taken into consideration when choosing your plant sizes. If this is not a problem home grower often choose to go as massive as possible in their home garden. However, this sometimes involves starting the vegetative process inside.
But when privacy is a concern over size, you can opt to plant a bit later in the season as you won’t have to worry about the height.

Think about the summer period

Another thing you should really take in mind when having a cannabis home garden is to make your life as simple as you can. This is especially important during the summer season as you don’t want to skip on watering your plants. This can have a high impact on your plant’s health.

Therefore, the key is to think about a cheap way of automating the watering process.
Meaning that you should think about it in the spring by investing in a simple irrigation system that functions on an automatic timer.

This will save you time during the summer whiles keeping your plants healthy and it also enables you to enjoy your summer whiles enjoying the beauty of your plants in the garden.

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