LED Grow Lights – Tips to Maximize Growth of Your Plant

Are you looking for LED grow lights? Having the correct grow lights in your plantation setup is imperative. Plants grow good when you are providing all the correct nutrients to them. Light is one of the most crucial matters and this is why LED lights are vital.

There is an increase in the usage of LED technology in recent years. Once there were lights on electronics, now, they can be found in flashlights and streetlights. Recently, they are being used in lamps used for growing plants.

There was a research from year ago that stated the LED and HID growing lights had same efficiencies. Since then times have changed and LED lamps for growing plants are more efficient. They will help you save a lot of electricity and heating.

Most of the growers are replacing their lights with LED to improve product quality. They want to increase their yield and have an efficient supply. For all the growers, we have outlined tips for maximizing their grow lights.

Let’s take a look at the LED grow lights tips.

Pay Attention to Water Consumption

One of the most common mistakes the growers make is over watering. The HID lights have high levels of infrared light and produce heat. This is helpful in drying out the soil and plants. On the other hand, the LED grow lights don’t generate much heat. They don’t contain the same level of infrared lights as well. So, the growers must be vigilant so they don’t over water their plants.

Height Matters

Another tip for increasing the quality is spending time in mounting the light at a precise height. There are many other factors that you must consider when mounting LED grow lights. These may include the presence of natural light. You want your plant to get a uniformed distribution of light focused deep into the canopy. In case you decide to mount the light too high, it will increase the coverage area. However, it will reduce the light intensity. If you mount light low, the intensity of the light might stress your plants. It is best to start with the manufacturer’s recommendation of mounting.

Focus on Heat

The growers who use HID lights depend on the heat from the traditional grow lights. When they shift to LEDs they usually experience a drop in temperature. This is because LED grows lights don’t produce the same amount of heat. The growers will have to increase the temperature in the growth facility. As a result, it will help your crops grow well. When you install LED grow lights, you will be saving on energy as they are energy efficient.

Light Cycles

For indoor growers, manipulating the light cycles is easy. This is because they can use black curtains and supplemental lighting. The black curtain helps in blocking out unwanted sunlight and makes sure dark periods in summer. On the other hand, the supplemental lighting will help substitute for light required during winter. It helps you in ensuring that your plants get the light they need. The most well-known light cycle is 18 hours of light each day and 6 hours of darkness.

In the end, LED grow lights have become the first choice indoor growers. When looking for best LED grow lights, you must keep in mind the manufacturing quality and light spectrum. Not all lights are made equal and this why choosing a good product is better. Are you interest in trying our LED grow lights? Contact us today to get the best grow lights, visit our website.