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The rising popularity of the Hybrid Strain 

In this age of the recreational drugs, the hybrid strains are gaining a lot of popularity. One of the most popular and highest selling product among the hybrid strain category is the Blue Dream strain. It is a kind of legal weed, which is a Sativa-dominant hybrid tracing its origin in Northern California. Currently, it is the top-selling strain in North Carolina, Colorado, and Washington.

What exactly is Blue Dream Strain?

It is a Sativa-dominant hybrid originating in California. Made from the Blueberry indicia and the Sativa Haze, this marijuana strain provides full-body relaxation to the users.

The Blue Dream strain contains sweet berry taste due to its Blueberry parentage and is known to provide instant relief without heavy sedative effects. The easy availability and positive effects of this hybrid strain are what makes Blue Dream a popular medicine among the youth and patients suffering from depression, nausea, and other types of ailments requiring a high THC strain dosage.

The Blue Dream strain is very different from a blunt which is ground up cannabis in tobacco leaf wrapping. The buds in Blue Dream strain are compressed around a skewer, and then wrapped and bound using a bubble hash and wrapped with cannabis leave which the user can inhale to enjoy the full experience.

What does the Blue Dream Strain do?

This popular marijuana strain is known to alter a person’s mental state for various recreational purposes in a way that affects the emotions, perceptions, and feelings to give a feeling of ‘euphoria’.

Blue Dream strain is widely used these days especially amongst adolescents and young adults. The hybrid strain brings about intoxicating effects often referred to as a “high” by the youngsters, once enters the body. As a commonly used recreational marijuana drug, it is least addictive and widely used. However, in the world with the easy availability of huge variety of strains, let’s explore what makes the Blue Dream strain a rage in the current times-

  • Medicinal properties: Blue Dream strain is known to have a lot of medicinal utility and other benefits as well. There are a large number of users of the Blue Dream strain with varied experiences in soothing anxiety, depression, and other such medical conditions. It has been observed that the ‘high’ felt by the Blue Dream Strain users is uplifting and not overpowering. They are non-psychoactive compounds that can easily be used to treat a number of medical conditions.
  • Blue Dream is a good weed: One of the main reasons for the popularity of the Blue Dream hybrid Marijuana is its strong ingredients, luscious sweet berry aroma, and Sativa-dominant (80%-20%) features. It leads to the instant full-body relaxation and cerebral invigoration in the users.
  • Soothing experience: The Blue Dream strain recreational Marijuana with a wide variety of smells and tastes, offers a soothing experience to the users. They are also known to affect the aroma of the product and flavor of the taste buds. It usually lasts for hours and the user can inhale the smoke to enjoy the full experience. The same is usually not possible with tobacco cigars. Smelling the Blue Dream strain before taking a drag can get all the senses to enjoy it fully with its deep aroma.
  • High productivity: Another important factor contributing to the success of the Blue Dream strain is its productivity and ease of growing. In recent years, it has been observed that the clones of Blue Dream strain roots quickly and consistently which makes it pretty popular among the cultivators. As one of the very hearty marijuana strain, Blue Dream has consistent yields as compared to other strains. Blue Dream strain growers consistently rave about how it is so easy to grow and leads to big yields as well. Blue Dream’s high yields and resilience against powdery mildew makes a large number of growers to rely on this strain for easy growing periods and high yields.
  • An ‘openly sourced’ marijuana strain: Since the Blue Dream Strain is a clone-only strain with no particular claim by any group on its cultivation and growing, it is largely an “open sourced” strain, which is easy to find, grow, and make concentrates from.
  • High in Terpenes: Various studies revealed that the Blue Dream marijuana strain is high in Terpenes. ‘Terpenes’ is the latest edition in the medical marijuana series with its name originated from the main ingredient in a type of pine pitch known as turpentine. ‘Terpenes’ are nothing but organic molecules that are present in almost all living organisms. The aromas and the flavors of the marijuana flowers come from the Terpenes. Blue Dream hybrid strain is high in several of these interesting Terpenes including terpinolene and myrcene which are known to have many medicinal benefits.

Immediate effects of Blue Dream Strain

Since the Blue Dream marijuana strain is taken for an instant euphoria and full body relaxation, it is usually smoked with or without tobacco, or rolled in a joint. Furthermore, it does not have the same effect on everyone. It might enhance the mood of the users, which is the case in most cases or make them feel worse. For some, it acts as an appetizer and increases the hunger sensations, and makes some giggle incessantly.

Since it is an intoxicant, the user should not attempt driving after having Blue Dream marijuana joint. Also, excessive use of the strain can cause severe panic attacks, anxiety, hallucinations, and paranoia in the users. Since the perceptions get altered, there is also a feeling of time slowing down in the users, which makes it essential to be aware of the limits and usage of the Blue Dream hybrid strain.

As long as the Blue Dream strain is taken for recreational purposes there is no harm. However, it is advisable to not take it before driving, operating heavy or dangerous equipment, or during pregnancy. It is recommended to take a medical practitioner’s advice about the safety of continued use in case of a weak heart or other serious ailments.

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