On Tuesday, Shoppers Drug Mart started selling dried and fresh cannabis, seeds, plants, and oils.

Things just got more convenient for medical cannabis patients in Ontario. On Tuesday, the popular pharmacy chain Shoppers Drug Mart launched its online retail portal for medical cannabis products. Shoppers is a national chain, but for now it will only supply Ontario residents. Licensed patients will have to submit some paperwork in order to access the online store. Retail cannabis consumers, however, cannot make purchases, but they are able to browse the store’s offerings.

Shoppers Drug Mart just started selling medical cannabis online
Health Canada regulates and oversees Canada’s medical cannabis program. And under the agency’s rules, there’s only one legal mode of distribution for medical cannabis products: mail orders that go directly from licensed producers to patients. As a retail pharmacy chain, Shoppers Drug Mart is not a medical cannabis producer. It did however obtain a license from Health Canada to be one. It had to, in order to be able to sell to licensed patients in the first place. But instead of producing its own cannabis, Shoppers says it has lined up supply agreements with 10 licensed producers.

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