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Professional hockey is one of the world’s most physically demanding sports. NHL players take a beating night in, night out for over 80 games a season. The post How Cannabis Helped NHL Enforcer Riley Cote Survive His Hockey Career appeared first on Leafly.
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It's not a rule, just...friendly advice: The agency strongly "discourages" casinos from hosting industry events. The post Time to Leave Las Vegas, Gaming Commish Tells Cannabis Trade Shows appeared first on Leafly.
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A report in the British Medical Journal found that baby boomers in the UK and Australia had greater increases in consumption than younger age groups. The post Drug Use Up Among Australian Baby Boomers appeared first on Leafly.
"Water in equals water out" may sound simple, but growers need careful consultation and fine-tuning of dehumidifiers to keep their plants happy and healthy. The post How to Perfect Your Grow Room Dehumidifier Setup appeared first on Leafly.
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Montana and his venture capital firm, Liquid 2 Ventures, was a part of a group that invested $4.1 million into Herb during the company’s seed-funding round. The post NFL Hall of Famer Joe Montana Invests in Cannabis Media Outlet appeared first on Leafly.
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Learn more about growing the Sweet Tooth cannabis strain, including its flowering time, preferred nutrients, and best growing techniques. The post Tips for Growing Sweet Tooth Cannabis appeared first on Leafly.
LA cannabis brands are hosting ever-swankier events—like this one featuring multi-thousand-dollar bongs, private helicopters, and Cartier as a sponsor. Read More...