As medical cannabis legalization spreads, more patients are turning to the plant for their complaints and illnesses. According to a new report from CB2 Insights, sufferers of mood-related conditions such as depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder accounted for the largest group of patients seeking cannabis as a medicine (34.77%). The next largest group of respondents (33.05%) said they used it for pain relief for problems like migraines, chronic pain, and back problems. 15.33% sought cannabinoid therapy for sleep-related disorders.

Some of this use runs counter to existing laws. While more than half of US states (33 plus Washington, DC) have medical cannabis frameworks, only 24 states list any mood-related disorder as a qualifying condition and in all of those cases only PTSD is listed. Most states have approved chronic and intractable pain as a qualifying condition for cannabis usage. In seven states plus Washington D.C., doctors can suggest cannabis for any condition they deem applicable, so lists of ailments are not required for recommendation.

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