Edibles are the future of cannabis. Inspired by local chefs whipping up THC-laced ­dishes, I jump on the trend and throw my own feast.

I don’t remember my first experience eating a weed cookie, but I do remember my worst one. I had no clue what its potency was or what kind of strain it contained, but after eating just half, I was sinking into a friend’s sofa and questioning my relationships, my new haircut and my life’s purpose. Smoking weed usually made me chatty and extroverted, but this demon cookie made me feel anxious and paranoid for hours. I vowed never to eat another edible.

Flash forward eight years, and here I am preparing a cannabis-infused dinner party for seven friends.

What changed? Well, pretty much everything. THC and CBD are now part of our everyday lexicon. Craft cannabis makers hawk artisanal baked goods in pop-up markets. Trendy chefs organize hip supper clubs serving restaurant-quality, weed-infused dishes and publish glossy cookbooks. And until the Project Claudia police raid in 2016, dispensaries selling gummies, brownies and everything in between proliferated in Toronto.

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