WAUKESHA, WI—Noting that the unexpected purchase was completely without precedent or preamble, family sources confirmed Tuesday that mother Ellen Fogarty, 54, had evidently just spent $83.50 on an owl necklace from a stall at the Waukesha art fair. “Supposedly, it’s handcrafted, but still, Mom barely ever even wears jewelry. And since when is she so into owls?” said daughter Grace Fogarty, 19, expressing shock at her typically frugal mother’s gravitation toward and sudden purchase of a silver-plated owl pendant on a thin leather cord during their hometown’s annual Craft Bash art fair. “Maybe I would understand if the necklace were made by Somali war widows or something, but I’m pretty sure it’s just a normal lady with a basement workshop in Milwaukee. And to pay almost a hundred bucks for it? She could definitely get something similar at Chico’s for, like, $20. This is so weird. I mean, when is she even going to wear that?” Fogarty’s disbelief only intensified when her mother moved on to the next stall and scoffed at a display of $4 artisanal soaps, calling them “a total rip-off.”