If the Democrat Party wants to keep the House as well as win the Senate and the presidency in 2020, then they’d better start fighting to get marijuana legalization on state ballots, according to Michael Moore. The Academy Award winning director believes that Democrats can and will sweep the 2020 election if they get enough numbers at the polls. And to do that, they need to make sure there are issues that average Americans are willing to line up for hours to vote on – like legalizing cannabis.

“Ballot proposals are the answer,” Moore told Ali Velshi of MSNBC earlier this week. “George W. Bush and the Republicans knew this in 2004. They put 14 ballot measures in 14 states to outlaw gay marriage….And so Bush won his first popular vote in 2004 because he had all those people coming out. This is what we did in Michigan two weeks ago: we had a ballot proposal to legalize marijuana. The largest turnout of young people in—we don’t know when came out to the polls. We had a ballot proposal to outlaw gerrymandering…and that brought out a whole other group of people.”

And Moore thinks the same game plan could work in 2020.

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