cannabis moisture
cannabis moisture

With the lots of studies presented by researchers in favor of cannabis products, this industry is growing high with each passing day worldwide. Most buyers these days are looking for online stores to buy best collections of cannabis products; however, many others are happy to get them at local platforms. No matter, how you gain access to marijuana, it is always important to collect details about its moisture levels.

Studies reveal that marijuana undergoes a considerable shift in moisture levels during the process of drying to curing and packaging to sales as well. This may seem mysterious, but it is true. That is why many experts around the world these days are recommending carrying out moisture test for cannabis products. It is important to know the moisture content during the post-harvesting stages.

There is no doubt to say that in order to produce top quality cannabis, it demands careful cultivation, precise pruning, premium genetics, timely trimming, and steady-state curing process as well. Note that, experts give more focus to the proper curing process because it helps to develop flavourful, smooth and more potent cannabis products. But in order to ensure the best results, it is further important to measure the moisture content of these products from time to time.

Why measure moisture content in cannabis?

Moisture content is one of the most important terms in case of marijuana, and there are many reasons behind this fact. Actually, it has a direct connection with the regulatory requirements. Few states like California follow specific requirements for how much % of moisture content is allowed per sample. In case if the moisture content goes above that range, generally 13% during tests, the samples are declared failed.

At the same time, when you know the estimates of percentage MC in your marijuana products, it can also provide better assistance in the curing process. Note that, the cannabis products containing higher levels of moisture content cannot be cured completely. Also, the moisture content is an important aspect for detecting trends in extraction efficiency. There are numbers of moisture content testing instruments in the market that can help you to execute this task with ease. It is better to choose the one that offers higher accuracy at all stages so that your product can stand out in the competitive crowd.

It is observed that fresh cannabis contains moisture content somewhere around 80% whereas, for cured cannabis, this content is reduced by a huge extent up to 6 to 9% only. HFT 1000c Cannabis Moisture Analyser 420 Special offers the most reliable and efficient results for such measurements. And the best news is that these readings can be obtained in less than 5 minutes. Moreover, the latest moisture content testing instruments do not require highly qualified and trained professionals to execute measurement tasks; even beginners can operate them with ease to know more about the quality of a marijuana sample. It is better to buy the best moisture content tester online and get started with the best routines.