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Buying The Best Vaporizer- SlickVapes


The purpose of creating our site SlickVapes.com was to release deals that no other online vape stores could offer, and essentially creating “Slick Deals” for Vapes. By maintaining direct relationships with manufacturers we can go direct and pass on the savings to our customers. We also offer un-advertised deals to our subscribers so you don’t want to miss out on those.
The SlickVapes staff are Vapers too! We try to keep up with the latest trends and hottest new products. All our items are guaranteed to be 100% Authentic. We don’t sell any fakes, counterfeit or knock-offs. Never. In some cases, (only after rigerous testing) will we deem a product good enough to match it’s OEM counterpart, you would find those under the “generic” brand. Those items are warrantied directly by us. All brand named items sold on this site carry Full manufacturers warranty.

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