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smoke cartel

With advancements in technologies, lifestyle trends keep on changing. Human beings are always curious to climb the stair upwards and prove their efficiency.

In the 21st century, so many new things got added to our world with the influence of advancements. Few such additions are also observed in the smoking trends.

Gone are the days when smoking was all about the traditional cigarettes that were too harmful for the users as well. Now, manufacturers have designed several products that are even safe to use as well.

Some of you might be worried about how to find the most reliable seller to buy these latest collections. Well, the great news is that Smoke Cartel platform offers the whole new collection of smoking devices and accessories. Here you can find all premium products at a reasonable price.

Note that, Smoke Cartel, an online premium smoke shop is serving consumers around the world since 2012. They offer the most trustworthy and high-quality collection of dab rings, glass bongs, vaporizers, hand pipes, wax pens, and many other cool counterculture tools. Other than this, here you can find herb grinders, hemp goods, butane torch lighters, travel pouches, and many other high-tech smoking gears to ensure a perfect experience to the buyers.

No matter at what time you need to order the premium accessories and gears; these professionals are ready to serve you 24×7. Those who are more worried about the quality and authenticity of products will be happy to hear that Smoke Cartel has received Winner of the High Times Cannabis Cup Best Glass Awards. At the same time, this popular headshop is featured in Leafly ad Weedmaps and Forbes. Other than this, they have millions of satisfied customers in the competitive market. You can check reviews online to know more about how well they serve the customers.

In case if you are a beginner to the weed industry; the chances are that you are unfriendly with most of the terms. In such situations, it will be difficult for you to choose the best products online. Well, Don’t Worry! We are here to update your knowledge base so that you can make the best decisions. Below you will find all the interesting details about the latest accessories and products in the weed market.

Popular gears and accessories for the Weed Lovers:

They are many in numbers; however, here you can find details about the most popular items in the market. Note that, these gears are used for medical as well as recreational needs. You can make your selections accordingly to ensure the best experience.

smoke cartel


While exploring the various methods to consume marijuana for treatment of various medical conditions or to just relax, you might have heard the term Bong; and probably, are now curious to know more about it. Bongs are a special type of smoking devices that are designed in the form of a pipe for the consumption of cannabis. People find it the best way to ingest marijuana while ensuring the most amazing experience.

In simple terms, the bong is a special kind of filtration device that is used for smoking. It actually helps to cool down the smoke that is produced during the inhalation process. These days, the most common use of bongs is to smoke marijuana, but at early days, this year was also popular among tobacco users. While using, its bottom surface must be loaded with some water content and the upper part of this device used to have some cylindrical tubes. For beginners, here we have listed the steps to use Bong:

Step 1: First of all, set the water level and the desired temperature range.

Step 2: Now, downstem the pipe.

Step 3: You can add ice as per preference.

Step 4: Get your favorite weed products and pack the bowl with it.

Step 5: It is time to light the bowl and start inhaling. In this process, the smoke will soon fill the tube.

Step 6: Just pull out the bowl and finish inhaling.

Market these days is loaded with a wide range of bongs; they vary in terms of shape and size as well. Buyers can choose the best one depending upon the experience and smoking techniques. Some of the most common options in the market are straight bong, angled bong, and custom bongs.

smoke cartel

Dab Rings:

As researchers have presented several pieces of evidence in support of marijuana and its ability to heal several medical health conditions, most of the people these days are searching for the best methods to enjoy dry herbs. One of the best alternatives for the young generation these days is dabbing. It is the method of heating up the concentrates of herbs and then inhaling the vapors. People who have tried it already are really happy with this technique, and the great news is that you can find handy gears to enjoy this marijuana consumption method. Dab Rings are the best addition to the weed market, and Smoke Cartel platform offers you some of the best collections of Dab Rings at a reasonable price.

Same as bongs and pipes; dab rings are also used to inhale the weed smoke, but there is no need to set fire on anything. There is a tiny torch inside that is capable enough to heat up the herb extracts and can create quality vapors for the users. Most of the experienced smokers reveal that dab ring is much effective as compared to the bong or pipes.

There are three essential components of dab rings; they are torch lighter, glass piece, and the nail. Many experienced users also prefer to use a dabber, a short, small rod that helps to maintain the concentration. The nail designs may vary for the dab rings, and it creates a different experience for the users. Some of the most popular options in the market are Quartz, Ceramic, Glass, Titanium, and E-nails as well.


The next big thing on the list is vaporizer, and it is the best recommendation for all those who want to get rid of traditional smoking approach. We know that tobacco products cause the awful smell; they lead to bad breath and make the person socially unacceptable. But the vaporizer technology replaces all those bad facts with the good one while ensuring the best experience to the users.

The concept of vaporizers was actually given in the 1960s; however, it gained huge popularity in the market within the past few years. Vaping is simply described as the method of applying heat to the liquid so that it starts creating vapors. In this case, you can ensure odorless breathing while getting your desired hit of nicotine.

The technology of vapors is quite simple; there are some coils, a power source, LED light, and the juice. You can find vaporizer juices in a variety of flavors to ensure an amazing experience. You will be happy to hear that it is also possible to customize the vaporizers as per user requirement. Many big brands can offer you such services. There are plenty of high-end devices in this category; you can pick the best one from Smoke Cartel platform and that too at reasonable price.

Hand Pipes:

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Hand pipes are one of the most amazing products for beginners. As the name implies, they can fit comfortably to the palm and ensure an ideal experience to the beginners, casual smokers and experienced ones as well. Most of these pieces are made up of glass material; however, few other versions with metal and plastic variations are also available.

People prefer to use glass pipes because they are extremely easy to clean. You can find some of the best collections of glass pipes on Smoke Cartel online store to get started with an awesome experience. One of the biggest troubles with glass pipes is that they are prone to breakage; hence, users need to ensure careful handling. That is why they are less recommended for the beginners; but if you know how to care for them, you can definitely enjoy smoking with these pipes.

Some of the most popular types of glass pipes in the market are sherlock pipes, spoon pipes, and chillums. Each one of them has a unique advantage and can ensure a different smoking experience.

Other than this, you can find many accessories, dry herb products, and CBD oils on Smoke Cartel platform. The best thing to know about this popular online store is that they bring you the products that can fulfill your lifestyle requirements with ease. You can find many deals to ensure the best buy experience. Moreover, the gift ideas make it easier to present the best weed gear to the best friend on his birthday.

If you are new to the weed industry; prefer to visit this all in one weed store that offers lots of amazing products along with rich information base. These experts can ensure complete satisfaction for each and every purchase. Prefer to contact the customer support team to get fast assistance for your purchase.

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