It’s a dog’s life

It’s arguably the best day of the year this Saturday – National Puppy Day! Founded way back in 2006, National Puppy Day is celebrated on March 23rd to celebrate puppies and promote adoption.

In celebration of National Puppy Day, we’re investigating the potential relationship between CBD and your favourite canine friend as part of a healthy lifestyle.

There’s a lot of misinformation around who can take CBD, and because of its association with cannabis many pet owners are reluctant to try it out. While cannabis is highly toxic to animals, CBD derived from the hemp plant is totally non-psychoactive and perfectly safe for your pet to consume.

CBD Oil and pet anxiety

There’s a whole host of issues why your dog might be suffering from anxiety or stress, whether it be episodic or prolonged issues with nervousness. Seasonal elements like thunderstorms, and fireworks around New Years, 4th of July, Halloween, etc can also leave your poor little pup trembling in the corner or even worse – running away out of fear.

If you have a particularly nervous little pupper, you’ll know how hard it can be to accomplish the most basic tasks with your pet. From a simple car ride to trips to the vet, owning a dog that suffers from nervous conditions and separation anxiety comes with a whole host of extra things to take into account.

Rescue dogs are particularly prone to anxiety and nervous issues, often from being abused, abandoned or just generally unloved in their previous home. Something as simple as settling into their new home or a trip to the vet can be stressful for many dogs with no history of anxiety, but it can be even more stressful for rescue dogs who may have issues building trust with humans.

This means that you can’t go on a trip without the hassle and stress of putting your dog into kennels, and worrying about how they’ll handle being in a new environment with other pets. Even finding a friend or family member that your pooch likes and trusts, who also has the time to dogsit can be incredibly tricky.

Reducing anxiety in your dog is one of the most effective ways to improve their quality of life, and improve your relationship with your pet – because the stress of caring for an anxious pet shouldn’t have a negative effect on your relationship.

Puppy love

Research shows that CBD oil can be particularly effective at quelling anxiety in humans, but unfortunately there is no research to show the full effects of CBD on dogs. As CBD is still under-researched because of the stigma and legal issues surrounding cannabis-based medicine. Anecdotal evidence and early research suggests that it has proved very beneficial in giving pups a calming feeling as well as pain-relieving sensation without the intoxication.

However, studies on rodents show that CBD oil has considerable potential for treating depression and treating pain. The American Kennel Club has also written about the benefits of treating your dog with CBD, and just last year they announced a major clinical trial by the AKC Canine Health Foundation to research the efficacy of CBD in treating canine drug-resistant epilepsy.

Thankfully, the increasing legalization of cannabis in countries like Canada will likely see a huge boost in research surrounding CBD and cannabis based medical treatments.

Pain and Inflammation

There is considerable research to show that CBD can work as a powerful anti-inflammatory, working on sore joints and muscles to ease tension and promote healing. This is particularly useful for more active pets who spend lots of time outdoors, as well as older pets suffering with stiff joints and restricted mobility.

Owners of larger pure-bred dogs in particular like German Shepherds will know how heartbreaking it can be to see your once lively pet experience conditions like Degenerative Myelopathy, which causes pain and weakness in the hips of older dogs. Arthritis is also a common condition that can affect older dogs, which causes painful inflammation in the hips and legs.

Tips for giving CBD oil to your dog

CBD oil is perfectly legal and safe to give to your beloved pet, just as long as you administer it in the correct dosage. Just like humans, dogs have an endocannabinoid system in their central nervous system which interacts with CBD to produce a variety of results from a calming effect to fighting nausea.

However, their systems can be more delicate than humans, so before you give any supplement to your pooch check with your veterinarian on the correct dosage for their size and breed. A good rule of thumb to start off with, is 1mg of CBD oil for every 10lbs of body weight.

CBD for Dogs of all sizes

With the surge in popularity of CBD, cheaper and lower-quality brands are flooding the market to cash in on this latest “wellness” trend – so make sure that you’re only giving your pet the highest quality products from reputable brands.

When incorporating CBD into your or your pets diet, you might be tempted to start on a high dosage to see results ASAP. However, it is recommended to start low and slow so you can monitor your results before increasing your dosage. The American Kennel Club recommend using a tincture of CBD oil, to maintain full control over your pets dosage.

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