CBD for dementia is being considered to be used to treat dementia. The world can be a strange place as it is always changing over time. Statistics indicate that the age span of a human body has significantly increased over the last few decades. But still, there are certain diseases, particularly those that affect the mind are still prevalent and can profoundly affect a person to function aptly. However, the fact is that we have always come up with solutions to beat a particular disorder. Today’s topic of discussion primarily focuses on dementia.

Contrary to popular belief, dementia is a prevalent thing. Statistics indicate that nearly 50 million people in the world are diagnosed with it. In addition to that, almost 10 million people every year fall into the trap of dementia.

Dementia is a disease which has vast implications and cannot be categorized in one condition. It comes in a wide range of symptoms, and today we will be looking at a few.

What is Dementia?

What is Dementia

Before we can identify the symptoms of dementia and how they can be controlled, it is essential we thoroughly understand what is dementia. Dementia typically affects an individual’s memory centers, which further damage thinking and social abilities. This type of damage in an individual’s brain is accompanied by memory loss. Even though memory loss is central to dementia, but memory loss can also be found in other diseases.

Therefore, dementia can be termed as a chronic disorder of the brain which affects the mentals state and its process. This state of mind is marked by personality changes, impaired reasoning and a variety of memory disorders.

Can CBD help with dementia?

A Lot of noise is being surrounded by how CBD has a lot of medical benefits when it comes to treating diseases. The importance of CBD or hemp oil for dementia has been making a noise. Like the medical field, it slowly recognizes the importance of CBD or even cannabis. Even though there is a major difference in CBD & marijuana. The fundamental difference between the two compounds is the fact that one cannot get high while consuming CBD. This difference lies mainly in the fact that CBD lacks THC, which is the element responsible for creating a high or a euphoric state. Before we can delve deeper into whether CBD can help with dementia, we need to look at what dementia is.

Symptoms of Dementia:

Dementia comes with a lot of signs and these symptoms are similar to other memory loss diseases as well. So, pinpointing them can be a tough ask. However, for keeping things simple, we have divided the symptoms into two categories, cognitive and psychological symptoms:

Cognitive Symptoms:

Cognitive symptoms refer to your inability when it comes to cognition. The following situations can quickly occur when a person has dementia:

  1. A Lack of Communication: This is one of the most common symptoms in dementia. An individual would find difficulty in saying words or would forget words to speak. A lack of concentration and forgetfulness also characterizes this.
  2. Memory Loss: One will be forgetful in terms of their daily tasks, and they will forget their tasks easily or in extreme cases even names of people that are close to him or her.
  3. Reasoning: Reasoning is required to function daily. When a person has dementia, their thinking will get impaired and decision making even in small matters can become quite tricky. This further leads to problems such as difficulty in doing complex tasks and an inability to make use of their skills that they previously had.
  4. Organization: Organizing an event or even planning out details for an individual project will get impossible. Cognitive abilities in such matters will almost disappear.
  5. Confusion: The sufferer will mostly surround himself with confusion and will feel disoriented throughout the day.

Now, let’s look at some psychological changes which are more familiar to be observed by the individual himself. As you might have noticed that cognitive changes are hard to notice, but the following are more straightforward to notice by the individual himself:

  1. Depression: The most common symptom accompanied by dementia is depression. But this doesn’t mean that the people who have depression have dementia. This means that nearly all people who have dementia, also have depression.
  2. Anxiety: A person suffering from dementia will often face anxiety in certain situations. These situations vary from person to person, however they are common in most people who have dementia.
  3. Behavioral Changes: Change in behavior in terms of personality is quite common in people living with dementia. It would not be surprising to see a person suffering from dementia undergo rash behaviors or aggressive personalities.
  4. Hallucinations: A common symptom are hallucinations which can result in a paranoid state of behavior. These hallucinations tend to get worse over the course of time.
  5. State of Agitation: A person with dementia is always in a state of agitation. This state is accompanied by anxiety and a lack of control over relaxation.

Now, that we have identified the main symptoms of dementia, both cognitive and physical. It is important that we pose to the question of whether what causes dementia? This might be quite interesting because research suggests that there are no concise reason of why dementia occurs. Here are few of the possible reasons:

Causes of Dementia:

Causes of Dementia

The major cause of dementia is brain damage. This basically occurs due to the damage that happens in nerves of the brain. The extent and the type of dementia mostly depends on what areas of the brain are damaged. Depending on where the damage is inflicted, the extent and type of dementia will be different. There are also certain dementias that can be improved over time. Firstly, if dementia is caused by deficiencies in vitamins. If this is the case, then there are chances that a person can recover. However, progressive dementias are more difficult to recover from. The following are some of the common progressive dementias:

Types of Progressive Dementias:

Vascular Dementia: As the name suggests, vascular dementia is a type of progressive dementia where the vessels carrying blood to the brain get damaged. This problem can lead towards further complications such as strokes.

Alzheimer’s Disease:
The most common form of progressive dementia is also one of the most common old age diseases. Again, the exact cause of Alzheimer’s disease is unknown, but research suggests it happens due to brain damage. And we can trace this back to how dementia also occurs due to brain damage. People who normally go above the age of 65 have Alzheimer’s and treating it can be quite tough.

So, now let’s get to the main point of discussion. Can cbd help with dementia? This question is obvious because we all know how CBD has been making inroads in the medical field. There are a lot of curiosity over whether CBD can treat dementia or not. Let’s take a look at some of the information we currently have.

Is it even Treatable?

First thing first, like we said before dementia is only treatable to a certain extent. Meaning, that some of its physical changes or symptoms can be reduced to a significant degree. CBD for dementia then basically implies the fact that yes, it can make a considerable amount of changes. That is, in terms of reducing the overall symptoms.

So, in short yes. Dementia related certain conditions and its symptoms can be significantly reduced with the help of CBD. Here are some of the major types of dementia that research suggests can be reduced to significant extent through CBD:

  • Alzheimer’s Disease
  • Dementia with Lewy Bodies
  • Frontotemporal Dementia
  • Vascular Dementia
  • Parkinson’s Disease

A study conducted by California’s Salk Institute in 2017 claims that CBD hemp oil for Dementia can improve the symptoms. As CBD tends to repair brain damaged nerve cells. The damage in the brain cells is the reason why dementia first occurs in an individual. Whether its a progressive one or any other type, the main area that is to be focussed is on the brain. CBD is known to induce effects that can really help in making the conditions of dementia reduced. Here are three known effects that it can produced:

Inflammation Reduction:

All research points to the fact that can cbd help with dementia when it comes to reducing inflammation. Well, the answer is yes as it has elements that can reduce inflammation. The secret is to use in quantities that can create a positive impact on your body.

Brain Stimulation:

The primary purpose people even use CBD is the fact that it is a potent brain stimulator. This means that nerve damage or cell damage can be considerably reduced by using CBD or hemp oil for dementia. Furthermore, it reduces oxygen built up which in turn stimulate the brain. It is further known to reduce memory decline and brian functions.

Stress and Anxiety:

With a proven track record of CBD helping in stress and anxiety reduction. This certainly is great for people living with dementia to reduce their symptoms. Anxiety can make things someone who has dementia and is further known to make the symptoms get even worse.

Behavioral Changes:

Another point that is to be noticed is the fact that behavioral changes in a person suffering from dementia can arise. This is attributed to the fact that anxiety might lead to this. However, cbd for dementia can be a life saver in this area as well. Behavioral changes can be decreased to a huge extent when one uses hemp oil for dementia.

Memory Loss:

All types of dementia typically come with this symptom. That is due to brain damage; memory loss can occur which can be detrimental for the daily functioning of the human body. One must know that hemp oil for dementia can largely improve memory loss. Interestingly, the main purpose of dementia is not even to improve memory loss. But rather save memory from losing more information. This is done through cbd oil which repairs nerve cells of the brain.

Controversy over Usage of CBD:

It is important to highlight that no conclusive research has been conducted over cbd for dementia. Companies that claim that it can help in dementia only do that over customer testimonials. The fact is that CBD oil is still very controversial as it is often confused with marijuana or cannabis. When it is put into the same bracket as marijuana and cannabis. It is bound to get controversial; this is the reason why research lacks. However, things regarding the legality and research is expected to improve. And we will soon see the answer to the question; can cbd help with dementia? And the answer will, of course, be yes.

Also, one must make sure that he or she consult a doctor first when they are going to use CBD oil for dementia. As there can be chances that your doctor actually might not recommend it. Furthermore, the usage of cbd oil for dementia is also dependant upon each individual. The dosage must be ascribed by a trained professional and an expert. Rest assured, the inroads CBD is making are quite promising and shortly CBD oil will become legal in all states. At the moment however, it is only legal in a few states so make sure to go through legality issues.

TryTheCBD.com is a website that is dedicated to making CBD available for people from all walks of life. If you have dementia, then make sure to try it at least once. It can make a difference in the way you will fight this disease.