How to Grow Marijuana at Home

We are all aware of the controversy surrounding the use of marijuana. Marijuana is not only used to get oneself high but is also used to treat some illnesses, for example, illnesses such as panic attacks, dyslexia, and autism. Marijuana is the most popular drug in the entire world and people refer to it by many names, for example, many people refer to it as cannabis or weed. It is not legal to keep or grow but is grown by many people throughout the world. The government does not allow anyone to grow marijuana and growing marijuana is illegal but is legal in more than 20 states, people in these states tend grow marijuana with the help of tent setup as it easy to conceal.

Marijuana has many advantages and disadvantages and we are firstly going to discuss them. We will first focus on the advantages and the move on to disadvantages of using marijuana.

Advantages of using marijuana are as follows:

We never focus on the advantages of using cannabis and only tend to focus on the cons. Marijuana has many advantages and can be grown easily in our own homes with the help of tents and boxes for our utilization.

1) Marijuana can be used as a medicine:

Marijuana has many benefits, for example, it calms down the person and saves him or her from the panic attacks. More than 21 states in The United States of America have legalized the usage of Marijuana for medicinal purposes and you can easily afford best grow tents for the money which are available in the market. Marijuana can be used to decrease the pressure on your eyes if you are suffering from glaucoma and thus save your vision. You can grow some Marijuana to treat these diseases in your own house by buying some good quality seeds and soil and using best grow box for beginners.

2) Marijuana can help stop cancer from increasing

The scientists have found a new chemical in marijuana that can be used to stop a gene named ID-1. This gene is the gene that is created more by cancer cells to multiply and spread. CBD was tested by scientists on the cells that contained breast cancer and after the cells were treated by marijuana they stopped spreading at alarming rates and became a little less aggressive. This is nothing short of a miracle. If you are planning to plant marijuana you could use best grow tents on the market.

3) Helps Decrease Anxiety:

40 million Americans are suffering from anxiety according to the ADAA. Anxiety is as dangerous as any other disease and is the most common mental illness in the world. Anxiety makes a person worry about everything and a person suffering from anxiety can worry for more than 6 hours daily. Marijuana can be used as a medicine (we have some of the best grow tent setups given below) to lessen the anxiousness of a person as marijuana calms the person down and dulls their senses.

4) Helps officers who suffer from PTSD

If you have served in the war or if anyone whom you know served in the war then you are aware of the consequences of PTSD. 80% of the people who have experienced some traumatic accident or incident tend to have various degrees of PTSD which can ruin their lives. The only way to fight with PTSD is through using marijuana to calm the person down. You can grow marijuana through the help of best grow box for beginners which we have discussed below.

The Disadvantages of using Marijuana are as follows:

1) Mental illnesses and slow thinking:

After taking marijuana a person suffers from foggy memory and problems in solving things. Marijuana dulls our senses and makes us incapable of making any rational or logical decisions. Your body slows down when responding to the brains commands. The Scientists have found out that even if you smoked weed once in your teenage years your brain has been damaged by it but if you need marijuana for medicinal purposes then you could use the best grow tent for the money, for example, such as Ohuhu. This brain damage cannot be cured and is irreparable. The cons of using marijuana outweigh the advantages.

2) Smoking weed can damage all your organs

Using Marijuana can damage your brain cells and every other organ in your body. It also fills your lungs with tar and thus can give you lung ailments and cancer. Marijuana tends to drop your IQ for a lifetime. People who smoked marijuana suffer from respiratory diseases. If you need to grow marijuana for helping some patients then you could use the best grow tents on the market, which will help your marijuana to grow perfectly!

3) Damage to the ovaries and eggs:

Females who smoke marijuana suffer from the inability to give birth as their eggs and ovaries are damaged beyond repair. Marijuana smoking can also lead to miscarriages, stillbirths, and premature births.

4) Marijuana kills

The use of marijuana can lead to organ failures and thus death. Smoking marijuana can also damage your entire body and its functions. The excess use of marijuana can easily kill you. Marijuana taken in even small doses can cause lung cancers and dead brain cells.

We hope you have gone through the list of pros and cons we provided as now we are going to talk about how to grow marijuana at your own houses in complete privacy. Marijuana is legal in more than 21 states but is still illegal in many others and if you are looking for the best grow tent setup, then you are lucky as we have discussed them in detail below.

If you are a person who is suffering from some kind of disease and you need marijuana then we have just the solution for you. We will tell you about the best grow box for beginners if you want to grow marijuana. Marijuana is a deadly drug but if you are an adult who is suffering from any disease and want a break from the pain then you have a right to use marijuana no matter what people say.

How to grow Marijuana in the privacy of your own homes:

The important things you need for growing weed are as follows:

1) Seeds

2) Water

3) Good quality soil

4) Light or sun

5) And nutrition for the plants

We will see them in details now.

1) Buy boxes, pots or tents

The first thing you have to do is buy the best grow tents for the money (we are going to recommend you some tents from in a while). Then you could place them in your basement or on your windows. If you have a yard or a garden then you could grow them between other plants and no one would ever find out. Growing cannabis is not easy and you need to understand that. It takes patience and control and you will have to take care of the marijuana plant.

2) Buy good quality soil and plant the seeds

The first thing you have to do is buy good quality soil from a reliable brand. The better the quality of the soil the better chances of your weed growing of good quality. The seeds will grow perfectly if we use best grow tent setups. The best soils are the one which has all the nutrients already in them. Finding the best fertile soils is the most important thing. The next most important thing is to choose the type of marijuana you want to grow. There are many different types of seeds available. The seeds are of many varieties, for example, some of the cannabis seeds can grow without light and etcetera.

3) Put it in a tent, pot or box

Next, you will have to put the soil and seeds in your choice of some sort of pot, tent or box. It all depends on your choice in the end.

4) Don’t forget to give the plant water and light

Your cannabis plant needs a lot of care. You will have to care for it and you will have to keep reminders to give your marijuana plant water and sun. If the place where you live lacks in sun them you could find an alternative option, for example, a high power light which will help your plant grow, you could use the best grow tents in the market as they have places where you could put the LED light. Your marijuana plant also needs to get nutrients which you can buy from any store and give your plant healthy nutrients.

You could follow all these steps and get the best marijuana from your plant in your choice of tent setup. As we mentioned above, we are now going to discuss some options in which you could plant your marijuana plant and not only that, we are also going to discuss alternative ways you could give your marijuana plant light. We will also inform you about the best fertilizer that you should purchase for your marijuana plant so that it grows healthy and strong and that you could get the best quality marijuana.

1) IPOMELO lightroom grow tent

This tent is one of the best grow tents in the market. It is 100% light proof as it is highly reflective. The material used in the making of it is thick and won’t tear easily. It is easily portable and costs only $71.99. The zippers won’t get stuck and is surely durable. It will surely impress you with its quality.

2) OHUHU Lightroom grow tent

This lightroom growing tent for indoor pants only costs $79.99. This tent is a really great option as it perfect for controlling the climate and the light. This tent is highly reflective and has a great ventilation system so that your plant gets the perfect amount of air and light. The canvas used in the making of this amazing lightroom tent for indoor growing is thick and won’t tear easily. It is pretty cheap to buy and is one of the best grow tents for money.

3) RECORDCENT light for indoor plant growing

This is an affordable LED light which can be used with the above-mentioned tents. It only costs $109.99 and can be used for indoor plant growing. It replicates sunlight to its full extent and will give your marijuana plant all the light it needs or requires. The best thing about this light is that not only is this LED light affordable, it also only uses 120 to 130 watts. We are aware that there are many LED lights available for indoor growing but trust us that this is the best. You can use this LED light with some best grow tent setups. The UV function kills all the germs and sterilizes your marijuana plant so that you can reap the benefits of your patience and hard work.

4) SEA – 90 organic fertilizers for your indoor plants

This amazing fertilizer only costs $39.99. This amazing fertilizer can be used in the best grow box for beginners as it is quite easy to use. It will surely help your marijuana plant bloom. The best thing about this fertilizer is that it is completely odor free as compared to other fertilizers which smell really bad. This fertilizer is water soluble so you could also give this fertilizer to your plants with the help of sprays instead of the old spreading it. This is the best fertilizers available for your marijuana plant as your plants will not only get healthy but also grow quickly. This fertilizer is totally organic and as is natural and safe for you to use. You won’t have to worry if your kids or your pets accidentally eat it. This product weighs 10.1 pounds and will last for some time.

We hope this article proved helpful for you. If there is something that you want to add, then you could tell us about it in the comments section below.