1. How to Get a California Medical Marijuana Card online

Legalization of marijuana in the US started in California in the year 1996, and since then so many people have been asking different questions as regards this plant. Some of these questions include: What is medical marijuana? How do I get a California medical marijuana card online? Where do I get a medical marijuana card online? The aim of the article is to give you as much information as possible as regards medical marijuana.
What is Medical Marijuana?
This very complicated plant is used in the management of diverse kinds of illnesses and also in the alleviation of symptoms of chronic diseases. Although this plant has shown some medical and health benefits, some states in the US still make the use of it illegal. Only 27 out of the 50 states in the US have legalized the use of some forms of marijuana. However, each state has its own regulation law.
Who is qualified to have a medical marijuana Card?
The laws governing medical marijuana vary from state to state, so conditions that qualify people to have a medical marijuana card also varies from each state. But, there are some medical conditions that compulsory in all states. People suffering from chronic diseases like multiple sclerosis, cancer, glaucoma, and AIDS are legible to have a medical marijuana card in all states where medical marijuana w legalized. There are other conditions that can make one legible to get a marijuana card. They include; hepatitis C, muscular dystrophy, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), Crohn’s Disease, wasting, nausea, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, anorexia, depression and more. All these conditions vary across states. In California, a condition like chronic pain can also make you legible to get medical marijuana cards from doctors online
Who is a Medical Marijuana Doctor?
This is a physician who has been recognized by institutes such as; American Board of Medical Specialties, American Board of Doctors Specialties and American Osteopathic Association, currently practicing in two or more fields of medicine. Only a medical board certified and licensed Doctor can be a medical marijuana doctor.
What is A Medical Marijuana Card (MMJ Card)?
Often referred to as cannabis card, pot card or weed card; this card can only be used in marijuana legalized states, and you cannot use it outside the state of your registration. It is an identification card that gives its owner a license to purchase and make use of medical marijuana. But before you can get this card, you must have been diagnosed by a medical marijuana doctor, and then you can make the necessary payments. The validity of this card is usually 12 months or as proposed by your medical marijuana doctor. It can always be renewed upon recommendation.
How to find Medical Marijuana card Doctors Online?
This can be both challenging and accessible, depending on the size of your city. But a simple google search or with any other search engine can be beneficial. You can also call your regular physician, if he isn’t qualified to be an MMJ Doctor, he or she will recommend you one. But, you have to be careful in picking an MMJ doctor. He or she must have been certified and licensed by the medical board of California.
How to get a Medical Marijuana Card Online?
Most people shy or embarrassed to ask their regular doctor to inquire about MMJ card or where they can obtain one. Most people don’t even know where to find an MMJ Doctor. So to save you from the stress and embarrassment, you can apply for you MMJ card online. There are three straightforward steps to getting your California medical marijuana card renewal online. These processes are quite easy and don’t take too much time to complete. Now, let me take you through these simple steps;
1. Sign-up and General Registration: This first step requires you to sign-up. This can be done from your smartphone, tablet or computer. Then you will have to fill a general form, answer a medical questionnaire, and upload any required medical information about your medical status. You can rest assured that all your uploaded information will never be open to the public or kept in public records or database. You uploaded medical records are protected by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act- HIPAA.
2. 420 Evaluations Online California: Do not let the number scare you. The 420 evaluation is a straightforward process also. Before you begin this assessment, you will be required to choose if you want to purchase a doctor’s recommendation or a simple Medical Marijuana card, both of which are legal. The ID card has quite some advantages over the medical practitioner’s advice such as it comes wallet-sized, allows you visit the same MMJ Doctor and Marijuana Dispensary locations repeatedly. This 420 evaluation takes a few minutes; you are required to engage in a video call with an MMJ doctor. You are required to give a detailed analysis of your medical record and current medical situation. You will also be asked several other questions. MMJ doctors are professionals, and they will fill you in on the benefits of MMJ pertaining that your current health issue. This online evaluation is free; you are only asked to pay a fee if the doctor approves your application for an MMJ card.
3. Approval and Dispensary Visit: After you complete your evaluation and the doctor approves you for an MMJ card. You will receive via email a digital PDF version of your letter of recommendation. This PDF file can be printed and used as it is valid. Most MMJ dispensaries accept printed copy of your recommendation letter, while some other will ask for the official paper copy. But, nonetheless, within 2 or 3 days of your approval, you will receive via mail your official recommendation letter and medical marijuana card. This card comes with your MMJ Doctor’s signature and embossed seal. With this card, you can go to any MMJ dispensary and make your first purchase of MMJ.
The California MMJ card looks like a driver’s license, with the patient’s passport photograph on it. This card is only valid in California. The state of California is the state with the best online MMJ card application services.

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