Much has been said about Cannabis- and its compounds too. And while someone will rubbish the article basing on our common misconceptions about weed, it is vital to understand the facts and lies so it can assist you to make an informed decision.

First, you have to distinguish between CBD and weed. Marijuana commonly known as weed comes from the same plant as Cannabis. However, Marijuana has higher levels of THC which is responsible for the common psychoactive properties in Marijuana. CBD, on the other hand, is extracted from Cannabis plants which have less than 1% THC content and is, therefore, safer to use.

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Someone will argue with me that Cannabis has some side effects but we will leave that to book first. So it goes this way Cannabis has two major compounds: Tetrahydrocannabinolic acid (THC) and Cannabidiol (CBD). Of these two ingredients THC is responsible for the “high” feeling when you smoke weed, CBD has numerous health benefits but we will dwell its action in improving athletic performance.

According to a 1993 study by professors from the University of Sau Paulo, they found out that CBD use reduces cortisol secretions in the body which are responsible for stress during athletics due to the accompanying physical exertion.

In the 11 volunteers who were in the study, Cortisol secretions were comparatively lower after using CBD compared to cortisol levels in volunteers who were not injected with CBD. Moreover, different researches have proven that CBD’use spans reducing the effects of increased adrenal functions and anxiety.

During exercise, the body releases cortisol hormone since it perceives exercise as a form of stress. Cortisol has a muscle effect breakdown and impairs tissue growth. For an athlete to adapt well and achieve muscle growth in the field the cortisol hormone levels in the body should be low.

According to research from different researchers of Hebrew university from Jerusalem, CBD also helps improves insulin sensitivity hence averting chronic illnesses such as diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. These diseases are a major deterrence to athletes peak performance.

Nick Kovacevich, a contributor with Forbes says that during his basketball days he used to have trouble with his ankles and underwent four knee surgeries. He further adds that he used to take pain medications and natural food. “Since Cannabis was illegal I never tried it. I wish I was better enlightened since CBD should be used as a sports medicine”, says Nick.


Is CBD legal for athletic use?

Doping is one of the most serious crimes in sports. However, I have some interesting news for you. In 2017, the World Anti-doping Agency announced that CBD is no longer banned. The agency tests athletes for drugs during the Olympics and also oversees anti-dopingguidelines for all international sports league including but not limited to UFC. During their press statement, the agency said that “Cannabidiol is no longer prohibited” though the ban on THC remains”.

Also, in June 2018 US’s professional basketball sports league BIG3 started allowing its players to use CBD to improve their performance. The move is regarded as a smart one- And is a smart lead for organizations and leagues who are starting to embrace CBD use.


Does it have side effects

Legal steroids are currently plenty in the market. CBD happens to be in this category. The compound has been tested by healthcare professionals and ascertained to be safe for medical and recreational uses.

However, some CBD users have complained of diarrhea, changes in appetite and fatigue after using CBD. If you experience these symptoms ensure you should seek medical advice from a healthcare professional.


Where to buy CBD oil

CBD is available in a marijuana dispensary. Different states in the US have different laws relating to CBD use. some states allow CBD use for both medical and recreational use while other states prohibit the same.

You should check with the local authorities or healthcare institutions on whether CBD use is legal in your state. Also, some states require that you use marijuana only under a medical prescription.

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Factors to consider when buying CBD oil

  1. Source of the CBD– the environment where the plant is grown should be taken care of because of the plant’s a high probability of absorbing the contaminants around it.
  2. Type of the seed– There are different strains and seeds for the marijuana plants. The black diamond strain is a common type. Each of these varieties has its special features and medical uses. you should check their reviews and uses before settling on your preferred choice.

iii. Bioavailability– This refers to the amount of the drug that enters your bloodstream. CBD’s bioavailability varies depending on the method of absorption. smoking, vaping or rectal absorption via suppository has higher bioavailability.

CBD use in athletics helps improve your athletic performance. its action on the cortisol hormone that induces stress helps prove this point. Also, it improves insulin sensitivity which further improves on athletics.