Purple Kush

Purple Kush is a marijuana strain derived genetically from the cross breeding of Purple Afghani and Hindu Kush. Its popularity is due to the pure ecstasy rained on users. Therefore, it has become a comfortable choice for those seeking to rest and relax after a hectic day.


Purple Kush is a sweet and dank strain originating from the Oakland region of sunny California. It has an iconic sweet grape fragrance and special purple and orange bits in the flowers give it a distinctive look.

Blissful Effects

The parents of Purple Kush are superstars in the Indica category, so it excels in offering relaxation. It uplifts and creates a warm, ecstatic high which causes drowsiness. The strain leaves you feeling happily knocked out. You will experience joyous thoughts and misty feelings.

Kush is ideal for those who wish to unwind and stop thinking about their worries in life. Users are able to mentally and physically let go of their daily stresses and strains. The strain is a powerful downer and encourages your disturbing thoughts to disappear and surrender to a long, restful sleep. As Purple Kush is a potent strain, new users need to go easy at first.

Smoke Aroma

The fragrance of Purple Kush is distinctive. It has a familiar spicy smell due to its cousin strains. It takes pride in its sweet, fruity aroma blended with distinctive earthiness. A whiff is left in the air, which smells like grapes marinated in rich spices. The smoke produced is very strong and has a high THC level. Purple Kush can be compared to acrid hash or resin.

Medical Benefits

Purple Kush has its roots in Oakland and is regarded as one of the best medicinal strains.

  • Medically used to get rid of anxiety and depression.
  • People with chronic pain can find the body numbing sensation beneficial
  • Purple Kush is preferred for conditions like extreme muscle tension, back injury and muscle spasms.
  • People who cannot sleep the whole night through due to pain can take advantage of this strain because you gently get rocked to sleep
  • It even helps to induce a healthy appetite, which is lost in long suffering cancer treatments like radiation and chemotherapy
  • The natural way to cause “the munchies” in patients and help them to gain their lost weight back.
  • Distress symptoms are averted and the mind is cleared of heavy, complicated concerns
Purple Kush Growing Tips

Purple Kush can be grown outdoors and indoors. It is a tough plant, so can handle both environments. Indoor growing is recommended to protect it from animals, inquisitive people, and other externalities.

An indoor Purple Kush plant achieves a maximum height of 2 to 3 feet. Therefore the ceiling height needed is 7 to 8 feet to grow this strain.

Purple Kush is tall and wide and growers need to pinch off the uppermost branches.

When the plant turns purple it’s time to harvest. The best effects of this strain can be experienced just after it turns purple.

If the color is light purple then use fertilizers containing nitrogen. Nitrogen will rapidly darken the appearance of the Kush plant. Avoid overdoing it because even if it is a strong plant fertilizer can damage it. Excessive nitrogen dosage can curl the plant leaves.

As soon as the plant starts to blossom completely stop adding nitrogen fertilizers to the soil. At this stage, it’s time to use fertilizers containing potassium and phosphorus.

In case of the plant growth being a slow go for soil testing. Check if the right fertilizer has been used at the right time. Visit http://www.ilovegrowingmarijuana.com/purple-kush/ to gain the right information for handling fertilizer, soil quality, and watering.