Flush Marijuana Out Of Your System

If you are a marijuana smoker you’ll know that there are times when you’ll want to flush Marijuana out of your system, now this can be for several purposes whether it’s because you or your spouse is pregnant or maybe for employment’s drug tests. Whatever it is, when the time comes you got to know how exactly to get marijuana out for your body so that you can avoid any kind of problem.

THC doesn’t stay in human’s system more than seven days but for those who smoke way too much, it’s pretty hard to remove all weed. Fortunately, there are ways in which you can get marijuana out of your system.

Before knowing if you are clean you have to determine few factors.

  • Amount of THC present in your body
  • Tests that are required
  • Types of Drug Test

Well, it’s better to start with knowing exactly how much THC is present in your body first since it’s the major factor in deciding which type of tests are required and certainly to know how much time will it take to flush marijuana out of your system.

Amount of THC present in your body

It doesn’t depend on one single thing; it depends on quite a lot of stuff some of which are:

How often you smoke: Do you smoke once in a month or weekly? Or is it that you smoke daily? Do you take a hit or joint when smoking? It’s very important to know how much marijuana you’re consuming because if you don’t know or don’t care then you’ll not be able to determine how much THC or THC-COOH is in your tissues

How much fat is in your body: THC or THC-COOH has this tendency to stay in your fat cells. Therefore if you have a lot of fat then it’s because of THC.

What you’re consuming: The amount of THC you’re consuming plays an important factor so it depends on what you’re consuming as they’ll have the different effect. Also, quality is also a considerable factor that means there’ll be a different effect with the amount of THC for top-shelf flower and schwag you use.

Your overall health:  After all, it all ultimately depends on your body’s metabolism and how healthy you are. Since THC can only be stored in body fat so if you don’t have much fat then there’s no fat for THC to be in however, exercise can push THC very fast back into your system. Hence, it’s recommended that a person should not exercise before giving the drug test. It’s better to maintain a healthy lifestyle just keep in mind that you shouldn’t work out that much before the test.

How Much Time Does it Take to Flush Marijuana Out of your System

Before telling you about different types of test it’s important that you know how much time does it takes THC to get out of your body. Don’t worry; today you’ll know the details you need to pass the drug test.

THC’s half-life is of seven-day, this is the indication that amount of THC present in the body that will remain half of what it was before.  So it’s an assumption that it may take a person three to four weeks before their body flushes out marijuana.

But hey! Don’t jump on to a conclusion yet, it’s just an average amount that applies if you smoke in a while and not if you’re a regular smoker. How much you smoke marijuana is one of the leading factors and the other factor is what your weight is.

THC is fat-soluble compound and can easily be stored in your fatty lipid issue. This releases THC metabolites in your blood circulation with a regular rate and is not really a good thing.

But wait there, there still a way to pass the drug test without having marijuana totally out of your system, and that’s because to pass the test there should be a minimum amount of metabolites which typically is 50mg/mL. If the level of THC metabolites is less than that in your body then congrats your test will be negative.

So now that you know everything let’s just move on to know what are the type of Tests.

Types of Drug Tests

There are different types of test that employer or people who want to get marijuana out of their system use, this includes:

  • Urinalysis (UA): This is the most common and well-known test. It is popular because it’s cheap and very precise.
  • Blood Test: This method helps in finding THC in the person’s bloodstream. For those who rarely consume marijuana this test is not likely to be measurable even after several hours, however, those who use it every day it’s easily detectable since THC remains in their bloodstream for quite a long duration.
  • Hair Test: This is very uncommon and is taken places at some limited amount of workplaces. This measures the amount of THC-COOH which remains in the hair follicles even after past several months and hence it’s difficult to get around this.

How Can You Pass the Drug Test?

It’d be best if you don’t consume marijuana at all but not everyone can control and if it’s way too late then don’t worry too much because there are other methods. All you have to do is to follow up the tips now.

Usually, you won’t have much time to prepare for the drug test in case there is a sudden notice from your employer. But whenever you get this new stop consuming marijuana immediately, like right now!

It doesn’t even matter if you’ve been using it for a day or month or even a year, just stop consuming it.

But it indeed depends on the time (provided by the employer) and hence the more the merrier and thus follows up all steps.

Here are some of the ways that can help you to pass the drug test:

  • Naturally Detox: You don’t have to use detox programs, kits or pills at all! Just follow a healthy routine and diet and if you’re in shape it’s easy to get marijuana out of your system in three to four weeks. Have a good diet and drink a lot of water and don’t forget to do regular exercise.


  • Detox with the help of detoxification products: In case you don’t have much time and you got a sudden notice about marijuana test this is the best method. There are several detoxification products that are available in the market today; fortunately, you can still pass the test. This takes up to a week to cleanse your system. Just make sure that you are using the home drug test only after you’re 100% clean of THC.


  • Immediate Detox (24 hours) with cleanser: Try tested products to cleanse your system which temporarily targets the urinary tract and flush out metabolites which will give you time to give a clean urine sample and hence you certainly can pass the urine drug test within a day!


There are many natural ways as well with products such as Herbal Clean or other detox formulas so you can follow those along, but with the help of some tips, it’ll be much easier for you to get to clear up a drug test. This can help you get out of the drastic situation you’re facing. Besides we’d love to hear how you found this article and whether it was helpful for you or do we need to add anything else.

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