Some of the most common slangs used with the consumption of marijuana are getting high, getting stoned, and getting backed-all. These slangs describe the condition an individual face after consuming marijuana in any form. This drug, if used correctly, has the ability to calm the mind of the consumer. It can also help to alleviate the pain (if any) and relax the body. On the other hand, improper use of marijuana can result in impaired motor skills.

Marijuana contains different strains that have diverse effects on our body and mind. This property of marijuana has made it effective in the treatment of different diseases. Read on to know some of the effects caused by five different strains of marijuana on our mind and body.

1.    Blue Dream

Blue dream has a distinct look; thus, it is popular among weed consumers. It has a dark green appearance and is dominated by heavily sativa. Furthermore, it has a trace of indica. Talking about its medical uses, it is recommended for patients who have sleeping disorders with some type of body pain.

2.    Hindu Kush

It is popular for giving a full body high effect. It is recommended for patients suffering from insomnia and muscle pain. Furthermore, it can also prove to be effective to provide relief from stress. Hindu Kush has a certain aroma, which adds to its popularity with marijuana consumers. It also boasts of a strong hash-like quality.

3.    Green Crack

It is light green, blueish, and orange in color. Green crack is known for an intense body effect it gives to the consumer. It has a sweet taste and is used by people who are suffering from a chronic pain. It is also recommended for the patients with depression or certain other mental disorders since it contains a heavy mixture of sativa.

4.    White Berry

White berry contains 90% indica and 10% sativa. It is purple in color. The major reason why weed consumers are attracted to this strain is its beautiful look. It is ideal to be used for patients suffering from restless leg syndrome. Furthermore, it is also suitable to be consumed by individuals suffering from any other muscular system due to its properties to alleviate muscle pain and spams. This strain is also popular because of the intense effects it leaves on the consumer’s mind and body.

5.    Canna Sutra

Canna sutra is known for incredibly sweet taste and citrusy smoke. It is sativa dominant and known to have aphrodisiac qualities. It is considered to be one of the most favorite with bud tenders. Canna sutra is recommended for patients who require sexual aid. Moreover, it can also be used for mood enhancement. It is also suggested to be used for asthma patients.

A Final Word

It is important to go through marijuana strain reviews before buying one for yourself. Reading these reviews will help you to be aware of its certain properties and potential effects on your mind and body.