dab rigs

People have now become much aware of the side effects associated with smoking so they are looking for some other effective ways to enjoy several medicinal benefits of the natural dry herbs. Although vaping is a fine alternative to smoking but many experienced smokers these days are attracted towards dabbing.

What are dab rigs?

If you want to enjoy dabbing; the first most things that you need is a dab rig. Now you might be interested to know what is a dab Rig. Note that it is a step ahead of the traditional smoking mechanism where people used pipe and bong to generate fire. In case of dab rigs, the concept of fire is eliminated and it is replaced with a nail and torch. The nail is continuously heated with the help of a torch and then various herb extracts are dabbed into it. When these herbs get heated indirectly, they produce vapors that can be safely inhaled by the user.

There are varieties of dab rigs available online. They are made up of high-quality glass material so that users can enjoy amazing dabbing experience for the long run. People that are suffering from chronic pain or intense nausea find this technique more effective for instant treatment. Research reveals that it is the healthier way of tobacco consumption that cannot lead to any withdrawal symptoms.

Types of Dab Rigs or Bong:

There are generally two types of dab rigs: they can be made dup of domeless or domed nails. Both of these have their unique pros and cons. The domed nails are considered to be much safer as they can hold vapor so long to assist in better inhaling. This dome also helps to keep nail well covered so that it can stay neat and clean. But the domeless versions are also loved by many users as they demand least efforts from users.

The glass is one of the most commonly used materials for designing bongs. It is loved by most users just because of the fact that it provides a clean and pure taste of the herb without affecting the actual flavor. Also, glass type dab rigs are much easier to monitor and clean. Some of the most common designs of bongs include carburetor bongs, straight tube bong, baker shaped bong, round base bongs, multi-chamber bong, percolator bong, bucket gravity bong, waterfall gravity bong and a homemade bong. You can choose a variety of herb flavors to enjoy with these dab rigs. You can find more details about materials used for bongs at https://www.reddit.com/r/chinaglass/wiki/recommended_rigs.