DaVinci, the company known for producing extremely efficient smoking devices, has come up with a new version of their vaporizer IQ, which they have named IQ 2. Certainly, with a later version, it has got some new improvements added to it. Basically, the DaVinci IQ 2 is a high-end vaporizer that produces a flavoured vapour which feels good when inhaled.


The specialty of the device is that it comes in a very compact yet stylish container that has got the advantage of being portable. Throughout the years, people have come up with different technologies of taking weed. Vaping is a slightly safer technique than smoking, as it avoids direct exposure of the lungs to the burning weed, but has the same effect as of smoking. So, vaping became quite a convenient option for consumers of hash and weed. And as every field of work seeks improvement with newer versions, so do vaping machines. Every new version of vaping devices ensures more added layers of filtration and other improvements. DaVinci has been producing the most efficient smoking devices for a long time and has been customers’ favourite. So let us talk about some features of this new device DaVinci IQ 2 which was released recently in December 2019 by DaVinci.


IQ 2 is primarily a dry herb vaporizer, that is, the input of the machine should in the form of dried shredded cannabis leaves, but it also supports solid concentrates. In the kit that will be delivered to you, you will be provided with the following parts:

  • DaVinci IQ 2 Vaporizer
  • Dosage Pad and Ceramic Disc
  • An extended mouthpiece
  • Alcohol wipes and Organic cotton pads
  • Dosage Pad
  • Charging cable, Spare pick tool
  • User manual


The dosage pad is the main container which is made of ceramic and is provided with holes on its body. This is where the dry leaves or solid particles are placed. The pad can contain 0.2gr of dry herbs, which is quite a nominal amount and hence, overdosing can be prevented. The ceramic disc which is provided in the pack is used when the extracts are solid in nature like Wax or Dab. The disc is inserted into the dosage pad and the extracts burn when the device is switched on. But since this device is suitable for dry herbs, it is recommended to avoid using solid extracts as it will gradually pile up to create a sticky residue.

The pack comes with an extended mouthpiece which can be used according to your wish. The advantage of this extended mouthpiece is that it is responsible for even more filtration and also cooling down of the vapour when it passes through the canal.

The battery provided is a replaceable 18650 battery which has a life of up to one hour of continuous use after being fully charged.

The bottom lid of the IQ 2 is fitted with a Zirconia Pearl that helps in efficient roasting of herbs. The nozzle is also provided with adjustable airflow.


The only con that the IQ 2 possesses is that it supports inhaling the smoke of dry herbs only. The solid extracts can cause unwanted issues in the device. Haze