Adam Brett says he plans to try Ontario’s online cannabis store, but not until the kinks are worked out.

The 23-year-old said his roommate had ordered from the online Ontario Cannabis Store in the wee hours of weed legalization on Wednesday, but as of Saturday was still waiting for his order to arrive.

“Overall, I think (legalization) is a good idea, but maybe they didn’t think the whole thing through,” said Brett, who was in a long lineup at an illegal dispensary on Rideau Street.

Four days into legalization, customers complained about slow delivery and glitches at the Ontario Cannabis Store. In its first 24 hours, the store website received more than 1.3 million unique visits and handled 100,000 orders. Officials called the response “remarkable” and a notice on the website warned that, because of high demand, delivery would take as long as five days.

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