Technology has created lots of wonderful things to ease human life. You can find so many examples of advanced equipment that are essential parts of your routines. Here we are going to talk about CloudV ElectroMini Portable E-nail. It is one of the most powerful yet smallest portable E-nail. This tiny accessory is loaded with numbers of latest features.

Features of CloudV ElectroMini Portable E-nail:

Temperature Range:

One of the most interesting things to know about this product is its wide temperature range that can be adjusted by users as per need. Note that the temperature range of CloudV ElectroMini Portable E-nail varies from 550 degrees F to 1000 degree F. Different temperature settings of this E-nail are indicated by colorful LED lights.

Battery Life:

The intuitive design of CloudV ElectroMini Portable E-nail appears easy to use. It is loaded with a 3300mAh rechargeable battery that offers long hour performance. The most convenient method to charge this E-nail is by using charging base; it will show you charging status via dedicated LEDs. Prefer to ensure full charging at least 9 hours before the first use of this E-nail.

Fast Heating:

You will be happy to know that CloudV ElectroMini Portable E-nail is designed to offer fast heating. This superior device takes only 15 seconds to heat up and soon you can start enjoying high-quality vapes. Once it is fully charged, you can switch desired temperature setting and it will ensure your pleasurable experience.


Light in Weight:

This tiny CloudV ElectroMini Portable E-nail has 9 inches height and 1.3 inches diameter. The overall weight of this product is only one pound hence users find it easier to carry for their outdoor trips. It can accompany you without creating any burden in your pocket. It is observed to be 30% smaller as compared to original Electro.

The Bottom Line:

The CloudV ElectroMini Portable E-nail kit includes so many accessories. Once you place an order for this product, you will receive 16mm Ti Nail, Quartz Nail, Cloud V Pro Tool, Charging adapter, Charging cable, Charging Base, Carb Tool, Spill Proof Aqua Bubbler and 3300mAh ElectroMini Battery with this product.

CloudV is the most trustworthy brand in the market and this device is known for its incredible design and features. Most customers are satisfied with its performance. You can place an order for this E-nail to get an advanced touch of style to your personality.