One trend that is sweeping the nation this year is CBD — otherwise known as ‘Cannabidiol.” Simply put, CBD is a hemp extract that contains little to zero levels of THC, allowing users to experience its therapeutic properties, without the psychoactive (it won’t get you high). CBD products are everywhere and are expected to continue their uphill trajectory over the next few years. In fact, the Hemp Business Journal claimed hemp would grow 700% by 2020.  From CBD oils and skincare to infused coffee, chances are you’ll run into a CBD product. Even Martha Stewart is jumping on the CBD train, as Canopy Growth Corp announced earlier this month that she would be joining the company to help develop their line of hemp-based CBD products!


Still not sold? CBD isn’t just a trendy discovery, its health benefits are endless. It improves your quality of sleep, treats anxiety and depression, protects and heals your skin, has anti-inflammatory properties, helps fight against opioid addiction, and relieves chronic pain…just to name a few. Here’s the kicker, doctors cannot prescribe CBD (just recommend it) because there is no recommended daily allowance (RDA) or universal standards for dosage, so before you dive in, make sure to do your research on which method of CBD consumption will work best for you.

Below are some of the most popular CBD trends we’re seeing in 2019!


More Dispensaries & Wellness Stores

It’s no surprise that CBD is becoming more and more popular in the United States, and around the world, as all-natural and holistic remedies are increasing, and even replacing prescription/over-the-counter medications. With that being said, you may notice more dispensaries and stores opening, that is promoting holistic wellness this year. Even wellness stores like Vitamin Shoppe are putting CBD products on display! However, because it is not a highly regulated product, there are no standards for what goes in it (i.e. watch out for high levels of chemicals or pesticides). So when searching for the right CBD products to use, experts recommend a few tips when choosing CBD from the shelf:


  1. Figure Out Why You’re Using CBD / What Form You Want: Finding the right product for you is dependent on the type of treatment you want, in addition to the type of experience you like. Are you looking to quick relief for joint pain, or are you looking for a gradual absorption, lasting hours? Different products will produce different results. For instance, placing a drop or two of CBD oil under your tongue will give you quick, and fast, absorption for immediate results. Whereas consuming a tasty CBD gummy will take 30+ minutes to fully absorb into your system. Or maybe you’re looking for something odorless and discrete, and a vape pen or dissolvable powder might be the form of CBD for you.


  1. Find Out Where It’s Grown: The majority of hemp used for CBD products sold in the United States are grown in Colorado, Oregon, and Kentucky, or is imported from overseas. Since this is not a highly regulated product, you want to make sure that the ingredients are legit, and clean, especially for the hemp grown overseas since they are not subject to any state or federal testing. While consumers are craving more transparency from the companies that produce the food and beverages that go into our bodies (and rightfully so), it is not unusual to seek more information. If you have a question, just give the company a call!


  1. Avoid Propylene Glycol: While Vape pens make smoking CBD convenient and easy to take with you on-the-go, studies show that vape pens of CBD may contain a property called propylene glycol. When this solvent is burned at high temperatures, it can turn into formaldehyde (a chemical that irritates the nose, eyes, and can lead to a higher risk of cancer). When choosing products, make sure you are for checking the labels that say “solvent-free.”


Don’t know where to look to find a CBD product in your area? Check out this CBD locator to find some stores near you.


CBD Oils Everywhere

One of the most common ways to absorb the benefits of CBD is through CBD oils. Similar to essential oils, they offer quick relief with application or absorption. One of the quickest ways to absorb the oil is to place a small amount under your tongue and let it sink into your bloodstream. And if you don’t like the taste, you can also find CBD oil capsules — an easy way to consume it on-the-go.  CBD oil is also popular because of its measurable qualities, resulting in a more consistent dosage for consumers. CBD oil is also a great multipurpose product, where you can consume it or apply it topically. Many users mix CBD oil into their beverages, meals, or apply it on top of their skin to treat acne or wrinkles.


CBD To-Go with Chewing Gum

Yes, my friends, CBD chewing gum is a thing! Brands like Endoca, are marketing their gum as environmentally friendly and fully biodegradable. Additionally, they recommend using it because it’s convenient and discrete, promotes cleaner teeth, and its ability to be orally absorbed into the bloodstream, enhancing its bioavailability. With many different brands of CBD chewing gums, you can find them in a variety of flavors, and they’re great to keep handy at your desk, in your purse, or gym bag.


Diets Incorporating Tasty Edibles

If you’re a foodie like me, CBD edibles might be your sweet spot — and you’re not alone. Edibles are among the most popular of CBD products because they are easy to use, require no preparation, and come in all different shapes, sizes, and flavors. Think of it this way, with CBD edibles, you can eat sweets, and promote wellness at the same time…sign me up!


Hydrating in the Office with CBD infused Sparkling Water

CBD drinks have exploded in the beverage industry and were the hot topic of discussion at the recent 2019 Expo West that took place in Anaheim, California, at the beginning of the month. Consumers are turning to CBD infused Sparkling Water, from brands like Recess, who claim that it helps young, working professionals “maintain their balance” throughout the day. With great flavors like Peach Ginger, Pomegranate Citrus and Blackberry Chai, Recess is focused on giving consumers an enjoyable and refreshing experience while taking CBD.


Vaping CBD

These CBD trends can get pretty fancy, but CBD is also available in a smoking form for those that prefer the traditional ways of consuming plant-based products.  This allows for fast absorption and the added benefit of making it a relaxing or social experience. Additionally, taking CBD through a vape pen is not as creative as the other products listed above, which actually means fewer ingredients and ultimately higher CBD purity. For an all-natural, no frills, way to get the benefits of CBD, this is excellent, but remember to look for “solvent-free oils” on the label.


CBD in the Beauty Scene

Big name skincare brands like Kiehl’s’ and Josie Maran are encouraging beauty enthusiasts to incorporate CBD skincare products into their beauty regiment. In an exclusive interview with Allure.com, Josie Maran, founder of Josie Maran cosmetics, stated, “I would sit in every makeup chair as a model and be like, ‘Do you have anything that’s healthier? Or something that’s non-toxic?” — and she’s not alone. Many people crave more natural and holistic skin care products. These CBD infused skin care products boast addressing your skin’s elasticity, dullness, and signs of aging, in a natural and eco-friendly way.


DIY Infusions/Dissolvable Powders

DIY infusions are increasingly becoming more popular due to the fact that they are portable, odorless, flavorless, and fully activated with high absorption rates of CBD, since smaller particle sizes allow for higher absorption within the body. Another bonus is that you can choose your favorite method for including these powders into your everyday routine. Think outside of the box, and don’t just throw it in your water or favorite beverage (unless that’s your jam), you can include it in your Grandma’s famous chocolate chip cookie recipe too!

Waking and Baking with Infused Coffee

Waking up and smelling the CBD coffee could soon be one of your favorite parts of the day! It’s easy to use for coffee enthusiasts because you can just throw your favorite brand of CBD coffee into a coffee maker and brew it, either hot or cold (adjust serving size based on dosage/taste). With CBD infused coffee, you get the benefit of a healthier coffee option. And coffee shops everywhere are noticing this recent demand! According to a recent Forbes article, analysts believe that Starbucks might be the first big chain to carry CBD infused coffee! Analyst Andrew Charles wrote in a report, “Should the regulation of CBD oil as an additive to food/beverage change or craft/independent coffee shops find a way to comply with the existing regulation, we could envision Starbucks ultimately piloting the ingredient.” In response to recent speculation from coffee fans, Starbucks’ CEO, Kevin Johnson admitted they are definitely paying attention to CBD trends.


Sipping on CBD Cocktails

Next time you’re nervous for a first date, try picking a spot with CBD cocktails. Sipping on a CBD cocktail combines all of the social properties of drinking alcohol while giving you a relaxed buzz.

And if you’re worried about the taste, there are actually some delicious looking recipes out there, because CBD oil is smooth and buttery, making it a unique and interesting combination for mixologists to play around with.

Swapping Sleeping Pills with All-Natural CBD Remedies

Insomnia is an epidemic that many people suffer from. And since CBD interacts with the body’s endocannabinoid system, it helps regulate things like stress and sleep patterns. Using a CBD product before bed may become a helpful bedtime routine for those who struggle with getting the recommended 7- 9 hours of sleep each night. In addition to it helping users sleep, in small doses, CBD can act as a stimulate to keep you alert and focused throughout the day, while limiting daytime sleepiness. Due to our bodies’ natural alarm clock, called the Circadian Rhythm, being alert during the day and asleep at night time is important for your body to function at its absolute best. Big Pharma might be in trouble! While prescribed sleep medications can be 1) expensive and 2) addictive, it is likely that many people will make the switch to CBD as a natural sleep remedy.

Relax & Unwind with CBD Candles

My personal favorite is CBD candles. After a long day of writing, I crave some R&R featuring a cozy bed, mood lighting, candle, and maybe some essential oils. With a CBD candle, you get 2 out of 3 of those things! Light the candle and witness it wash away your stress from the day, providing the best relaxation vibes in your room. Now here’s the best part. When the candle wax begins to melt, it will turn into a warm essential oil that you can massage onto your skin.

CBD Creams for Pain Relief

People of all ages experience joint and nerve pain and spend years seeking the best remedies. Recently when doing “research,” I walked into a Seattle Dispensary and the saleswoman swore by CBD pain relief cream for her chronic nerve damage. Her story is much like many others, who have tried everything on the market but found miraculous and instant relief with CBD. Creams such as these work so well that they are even used to treat things like chronic arthritis and cancer-related pains.