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Reconnect with Cannabis in Amsterdam- the Cannabis Capital

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Cannabis Capital Do you want to be a better budtender? Then go to Amsterdam. Working in the industry in America with knowledge of the old world is priceless and it can be a good way to reconnect with cannabis if you are a long-time...

How Cannabis Helps in Improving Your Athletic Performance?

Much has been said about Cannabis- and its compounds too. And while someone will rubbish the article basing on our common misconceptions about weed, it is vital to understand the facts and lies so it can assist you to make an informed decision. First, you...

CBD or THC for Better Sleep

cbd for sleep
Marijuana has long been touted as a treatment or cure for many illnesses, from cancer to the common cold. Many of those claims are bogus, but the science is behind others. There are more than 100 cannabinoids in marijuana. However, the two cannabinoids that do...

High on Thirst: Why cannabis beverages are the future

High on Thirst: How Companies Like Canopy Growth Inc. (CGC), Tilray, Inc. (TLRY), and Sproutly Canada, Inc. (SRUTF) Will Revolutionize The Beverages Market With Cannabis-Infused Drinks Peter Tomaszewski-Guillon Among falling sales of alcohol and soft drinks, cannabis-infused beverages are expected to bring much-needed refreshment to the...

Dab Pens vs. Dab Rigs

Dab Pens vs Dab Rigs
Concentrates have become a favorite cannabis product for many smokers because of the high potency they contain. Anyone who has had a taste of marijuana wax and oil would never want to go back to smoking weed, all thanks to the higher amount of THC and...
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