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Thursday, January 23, 2020

New FBI Report Shows Drug Arrests Are Still Increasing

Despite the continuing expansion of legal cannabis in states around the country, the federal Drug War continues to rage on. The post New FBI Report Shows Drug Arrests Are Still Increasing appeared first on Leafly.

6 Menacing Anti-Cannabis PSAs That Only Canadians Will Remember

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Legalization has arrived in Canada but not that long ago, no one would have believed it possible. That is glaringly obvious if you remember the ’80s and the ’90s when Canadian television aired anti-drug PSAs that were especially strange and fear-mongering. Take a walk down...

Dewey Saunders & Collaging With Cannabis

It was back in high school when I first heard it on “America’s Most Blunted.” A new rule that would inspire a post-D.A.R.E. lifestyle for my work ethic: “Creativity. It’s a known fact that grass increases creativity from eight to eleven times. In fact,...

Military Recruiter Fondly Recalls When He Was Just A Naïve Kid Being Coaxed Into Making Binding 8-Year Commitment To Fill Quota

CHESTERBROOK, PA—Regaling a group of prospective soldiers with tales from his youth, military recruiter Luke Coleman fondly recalled Wednesday when he was just a naïve kid being coaxed into making a binding eight-year commitment to the Army in order to fulfill a recruitment quota....

Don't look up here, look down there.

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Nova Scotia Looks at Adding New Cannabis Stores After Low Online Sales

Nova Scotia is considering expanding the number of retail cannabis stores, as online sales have been slower than expected. Finance Minister Karen Casey said Thursday that online pot sales were expected to account for about 10 per cent or more of total sales, but are...

Cannabis Company Hopes to Replace Jobs Lost in Mill Closure in Small B.C. Town

Arnold Meyer spent 40 years working at the Tolko Industries Ltd. mill in Merritt, B.C., but then he faced the reality of being laid off. The 62-year-old was one of about 200 employees who lost their jobs in 2016, crippling the economy of the small...

Diplomatic Pete Buttigieg Quickly Changes Subject From Politics At Town Hall To Avoid Arguments

AMES, IA—Attempting to redirect the conversation to a more neutral topic that would prevent anyone from getting too worked up, a diplomatic Pete Buttigieg quickly changed the subject Wednesday when politics came up at a town hall event. “Hey, I get asked about political...

Keeping Up with Harris Bricken: Cannabis Law Events

February’s webinar “West coast Hemp-CBD After the Farm Bill” was a success! All of those involved at Harris Bricken enjoy hearing your positive words and questions. For those seeking more of the valuable information throughout the webinar, March holds many opportunities for you to...

‘The Onion’ Endorses Legal Marijuana

Unpacking The BowlAn editorial series on marijuana legalization.  It has been nearly 82 years since marijuana was first officially banned as an illicit substance in the United States. Over that time, we have seen incredible changes across our nation. We have survived a world war...
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