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California Lawmakers Pass Bill to Restrict Edibles

The bill sent to Gov. Jerry Brown on Thursday is an attempt to prevent cannabis-infused sweets from appealing to children. The post California Lawmakers Pass Bill to Restrict Edibles appeared first on Leafly.

California Finds ‘Pot of Gold’ in Wine and Weed

On a warm summer evening at a vineyard in Sonoma, California, a group of well-heeled guests gathered at a local Sonoma vineyard sipping rose, feasting on food... and smoking cannabis. The event was hosted...

This Entrepreneur Hopes to Cash in on Marijuana ‘Cure’

Canadore College teams up with Weston Sagle to develop a product to dry, or ‘cure’ marijuana leaves. Sudbury-born Weston Sagle isn't waiting for the legalization of recreational marijuana in 2018 to develop his unique...
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Many Americans use Cannabis for Chronic Pain Because it is Better than Opioids

CANNABIS FOR CHRONIC PAIN Currently, 1/3 America suffers from chronic pain, defined as pain that lasts longer than 12 weeks. It commonly coincides alongside secondary symptoms and conditions, from trouble sleeping to a weakened...

The Moms Who Want Autism to Qualify for Medical Marijuana

We ought to listen to moms. They often know more than we do, do more than we know, and we all know more than a few who would give their lives for their families....

Podcast: What Are You Smoking? Ep 9, The Avid Dabber

Will and Bailey dish on Burning Man, a high-end dab rig gets a workout, and Bailey pro-tips a new way to make hash pucks with pencils. The post Podcast: What Are You Smoking? Ep...
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House Committee Rejects Medical Marijuana Protections

A House committee rejected the Rohrabacher-Blumenauer amendment, but it's still alive in the Senate. The post House Committee Rejects Medical Marijuana Protections appeared first on Leafly.

Canada’s Provinces are Starting to Figure Out Who’s Going to Sell Legal Weed

With less than a year left until the government’s self-imposed deadline to legalize marijuana, efforts to figure out how legal weed will be sold in Canada are in full swing. But hearings at a...

Canadian Athletes Enter Tricky Doping Landscape

Canada's elite athletes are smoking, eating and investing in marijuana. Is a toke before stepping to the start line far off? The Canadian government intends to legalize recreational cannabis by July 1, 2018. It's...

What’s the Future of Ethanol Extraction?

Ethanol is a tried and true solvent that's been used for centuries to craft tinctures, essential oils, and similar substances. Though it's fallen out of favor in recent years, new technologies and processes are...
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