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Medical Marijuana Can Cure  

Medical Marijuana Can Cure - 7 Chronic Diseases That   In the US, the legal marijuana industry is booming, with an estimated size of $7.1 billion in the year 2016. This is a more than 25%...

Muchas Gracias: How Spain Brought Cannabis to the Americas and Influenced Hispanic Culture

To help bring awareness of National Hispanic Heritage Month, we explore Spain's role in bringing cannabis to the Americas and its eventual spread into the United States. The post Muchas Gracias: How Spain Brought Cannabis...

What are Feminized Seeds?

What are Feminized Seeds? (Before you buy) Feminized seeds are the best selling cannabis seeds online. Droves of medical and recreational marijuana growers are cultivating their own plants from feminized seeds. But what are they all...

CloudV ElectroMini Portable E-nail Review

Technology has created lots of wonderful things to ease human life. You can find so many examples of advanced equipment that are essential parts of your routines. Here we are going to talk about...

Michigan Wants Weed Legalization Ballot, Opponents Bail on Rick Steves' Event

New data shows 92 percent of Millennials support legalization ballot & majority of the rest of voters are behind it, too

Entrepreneurs Cook Up Weed-Laced Goodies Despite Delay on Edibles Legalization

Yannick Craigwell doesn’t need to guess how large the Canadian appetite will be for edible pot once it’s legal. He already knows — it’s huge. The Vancouver entrepreneur whips up marijuana-infused cookies, brownies and fudge...
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Top Reasons Why You Should Use Kratom

Are you wondering why people are using Kratom? Kratom leaves have been popular for its medicinal purposes in the Southeast Asian countries for centuries. This plant is native to Malaysia, Papua New Guinea, Thailand,...

Why Medical Marijuana Research Is Gaining Support From the GOP

Members of Congress from across the political spectrum are pushing for pot research – but can they change Jeff Sessions' mind? Some Utah residents are working overtime to get medical marijuana on the state’s...

City Council Considers Cutting Off LA’s Cannabis Supply Chain

Is California's biggest city about to give the cannabis industry the boot? It looks that way. Retail will be allowed, but farmers must exit. The post City Council Considers Cutting Off LA’s Cannabis Supply...

5 Ways to Get Your Daily Dose of CBD

This article is sponsored by Green Roads, whose mission is to provide an alternative to pharmaceuticals with specially formulated CBD salves, oils, edibles, and other products. With the market for CBD products booming, there are...
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