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How Long Does a Weed High Last? The Definitive Guide

How long does a marijuana high last? What if it’s from an edible? Or a vape? We answer all of your questions. Check out the definitive guide on High Times. Why Worry How Long Your Weed High Will Last? Maybe things aren’t as dire as I’m...

How to review your weed before buying it online?

buy weed online
In the last few decades, the face of marijuana has fairly changed, and according to us, this alteration has been brought about with its discovery as a natural compound encapsulated with several medicinal properties. Earlier, marijuana and cannabis were mostly conjectured...

Track the evolution of cannabis with Dura-Pack

cannabis packaging
Long gone are those days when cannabis was wholly classified under the group of substances that harmed society. Today, the picture has completely reversed with the discovery of cannabis as one of the most influential natural substitutes that...

Cannabis card organic industry nowadays

organic cannabis
The past few decades have mainly witnessed the cannabis industry under the negative light; from being accused as the primary reason behind marijuana abuse to being held responsible for causing mental disorientation as a result of its overuse,...

Weed Deals, CA Review

From the past few years, researchers have obtained several pieces of evidence regarding the effectiveness of marijuana for medical health needs. After getting positive reviews from the expert’s community, most of the countries started working towards the legalization...

What are the Differences Between Marijuana and Hemp Flower

Marijuana and hemp plants are very popular among many people these days. Both plants are popular because they can be extracted, in order to produce CBD or THC substances. Both substances can be very beneficial for regular or medical uses. This article...

Incredible Benefits of Hemp Clothing

hemp clothing Funpot
With the huge rise of cannabis industry; some creative manufacturers these days have brought an idea of hemp clothing to the market. And the great news is that people are showing more interest in these collections; probably, due to the similarity to bamboo clothing.


BY KASHMIRA GANDER ON 6/23/19 AT 2:00 PM EDT As scientists work to stem the tide of antibiotic resistance, the authors of a study believe an ingredient in cannabis could one day form the basis of a new drug. Antibiotic, or antimicrobial, resistance is where bugs such as...

PotNetwork Holdings rocks 2019 with breakthrough milestones

Excerpt: PotNetwork Holdings Inc. has set itself apart from competitors with an impressive performance over the past six months. The US legal marijuana market is predicted to be worth a whopping $77 billion by 2022 and many marijuana stocks are scrambling to position...

Women In The C-Suite: Meet Three Ladies Running Big, Publicly Traded Cannabis Companies

Beth Stavola, Sara Gullickson & Jessica Billingsley (L-R). JAVIER HASSELess than four years ago, high ranks in the cannabis industry were among the most female-friendly in the world, with women occupying 36 percent of C-Suite level positions – as per Marijuana Business Daily numbers for...
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