Legalization of marijuana advocates a huge year for cannabis. It can be used for various medical uses, but the supply is still regulated and controlled. If your state has legalized marijuana for medical purposes and your doctor has issued you a prescription, then you are authorized to buy it from a dispensary. Dr.Weedy recommendation helps you in two manners:

  • Firstly, our doctors understand your medical case and recommend you use of marijuana which gives you the right to buy cannabis
  • Secondly, you would need to renew medical authorization after your prescribed doze ends. We help you in renewing

You might be wondering how is recommendation different from a prescription? Prescription contains the first – hand treatment of your ailment but recommendation consists of approved alternative treatment which can heal the ailment. Our professional group of doctors helps you in a recommendation of marijuana for medical purposes!

Practical aspects

You can’t just walk up to dispensary and ask them to give you marijuana as it is recommended by doctors. Those who are recommended are provided with Medical Marijuana Card which can be showed to the authorized sellers. Medical weed recommendation is the best way to treat many of your diseases like migraines, nerve pain, and glaucoma too!

Where to start?

It finishes as soon as it starts (this is because our model is 420 seconds)! This means that your entire wait time is 420 seconds! No hassles of visiting your local doctors and paying their consultation fees etc! Below are the quick steps that you may follow:

Step 1: Make an order

We have different kinds of recommendations which include Digital only, Digital + Paper, Digital + Paper + plastic physical card starting from $39 for the year. You can choose either of them based on your preference. If you are digital, then you can choose for the first one but if you prefer carrying the physical proof then you may choose the last one. All are equally accepted across all dispensaries, it is just a matter of user convenience.

Step 2: Fill up the questionnaire for doctors

After you have selected the type of recommendation to fill up the required data for our doctors to study your medical case. Along with personal correspondence details, you need to select from the range of symptoms and any other information which could be helpful for the doctor. Upload your identification proof and photo and your work is done!

Step 3: Wait for 420 seconds for cannabis evaluations

The doctors will go through the case and your medical history and provide their response (approval/ rejection) in 420 seconds.

Step 4: Review & Pay

Once it is approved, you can pay through the link provided in the recommendation. Let us clarify that if you are rejected, you need not to pay for anything!

Step 5: Receive your cannabis card

Based on your choice of type, Dr. Weedy 420 Doctor team will send you Medical Marijuana card online. We guarantee you the instant delivery of digital version and if you have applied for the hard copy too then it will be dispatched with 3-5 business days!