medical cannabis
medical cannabis

There are about nine legal growers of medical cannabis in Israel, but we are going to focus on the top 3 leading producers.

Tikun Olam

The leading Cannabis brand in Israel is Tikun Olam (“repair the world” in Hebrew). This company is globally recognized as the leader of new medical cannabis. The primary objective of Tikun Olam Company’s is to carry out research, create and offer practical, data-based cannabis treatments to help patients. Tikun Olam has been functioning as a commercial venture for over ten years. Since 2010, their products have been used in existing clinical trials in Israel’s organized medical cannabis market, handling over 10,000 patients for many symptoms of medical conditions including Cancer, PTSD, AIDS, epilepsy, Crohn’s Disease/Colitis, multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy, chronic pain and neuropathy. Tikun Olam’s access to patients, medical personnel, and data collection have led to the creation of various proprietary strains, such as the first-ever, high-CBD, non-psychoactive strain called Avidekel. In 2015, Tikun Olam’s established operations in the United States called T.O. Global LLC, which is a joint venture with Tikun Olam Ltd. (Israel). Tikun Olam also has similar partnerships in Canada (TSX: LEAF), Australia, United Kingdom, and South Africa. As of November 2015, their market share was about 4,144 patients – 27.7%


Better has over seven years of professionalism in the Israeli cannabis market. It is among the few organic, chemical free, global producers of Medical Grade Cannabis. The primary goal of Better is to offer specialized treatment that will suit the unique medical needs of medical marijuana patients.

Better is committed to producing organic cannabis, and this is reflected in its product in the form of exceptional quality and dedication, created over years of experience in both California and Israel.

Better have a reputation for being Israel’s first and biggest Medical Grade Cannabis licensed producer. They have gained invaluable expertize in producing large quantities of quality organic Medical Grade Cannabis. The company continuously manufactures distinct cannabis strains to serve the needs of patients.

Better focuses on the development of Medical Grade Cannabis for different illnesses. Their distinct strains are produced with varying combinations of CBD and THC and with high levels of terpene to increase the effectiveness and potency of the item for Medicinal purposes. Better has also created different types of products that suit the needs of patients. The market share of better as of Nov is 1,862 patients – 12.4%.


Pharmocann is an Israeli company that produces and manufactures medical cannabis in a farm situated in the valley of Jezreel, the Galilee. The farm is made up of hothouses for the production and propagation of marijuana; the greenhouse was created for the research and development of different types of cannabis strains; and other facilities needed for cultivating, harvesting, and growth of medical cannabis.

Pharmocann has created strategic connections with established a strategic partnership with medical cannabis labs to produce regulated, certified, and GMP-manufactured medical cannabis products. Pharmocann’s production line includes oils, ointments, tablets, inhalers, rectal and vaginal suppositories, and pre-rolled cigarettes of different kinds of THC/CBD strains. Recently, the company started developing hydrogel products for the treatment of certain painful diseases, acute dermatological diseases, and inflammatory bowel diseases. As of November 2015, the market share of Pharmocann was 1,689 patients – 11.3%. Presently, Pharmocann serves over 3,000 patients a month and yields about 2 tons of medical cannabis yearly.