cannabis clinic
cannabis clinic

Are you searching for the best places to buy medical marijuana in Toronto? Well, Apollo offers the best solution for your needs in the city. This medical cannabis clinic was established in the year 2013, and after huge research, we are serving customers with trustworthy and reliable cannabis prescriptions since 2014.

Our clinic is presently located at two places in Toronto, the first one is in North York, and the other is at Yonge & Eglinton. Some of you might be eager to know why to opt for medical recommendations for marijuana when it is legally authorized to purchase these products for recreational needs in Canada; well, the reason is quite simple. There are many privileges that only medical cannabis patients can avail as compared to recreational buyers. The medical cannabis buyers are authorized to buy a wide range of cannabis products that are otherwise illegal for recreational buyers; however, the recommendations usually depend upon your current health condition.

Apollo Cannabis Clinic in Toronto is ready to assist patients in the area to obtain their medical licenses, and at the same time, the experts in this marijuana clinic Toronto help them develop personalized treatment plans. We assign dedicated educators to every patient so that they can handle individual queries of the service seekers.

Best ways to avail immediate medical cannabis prescriptions in Toronto:

Apollo Cannabis Clinic is the best platform for patients to meet in person to the doctor. The experts here work the same as a family expert where patients can have a personal conversation with pre-appointments. After discussing the medical history, current issues, and requirements in detail; the experts help to provide desired assistance to avail cannabis treatment.

The doctors at Apollo clinic are ready to work with each and every patient to guide them for daily consumption and routine dosage of cannabis products. The recommendations are usually based on disease symptoms. The doctors also provide time to time follow-up sessions to the patients.

Reasons to visit Apollo Cannabis Clinic:

The professionals at Apollo Cannabis Clinic in Toronto are conducting in-depth research on medical cannabis prescriptions since 2013 on a wide range of patients. Hence, patients can rely on their experience and service range.

Also, experts at Apollo Cannabis Clinic are ready to assist patients all 7 days in a week; hence, once can avail reliable services for a personalized treatment plan. All the patients at this Clinic need to present a valid OHIP card, but the great news is that education sessions and appointments with the doctors are available free of cost. There is no need to get a referral from any family doctor to avail services at Apollo; anyone can visit the clinic to start treatment.

Buying medical cannabis in Toronto:

In order to ensure safe purchase, it is advised to get your prescription only from a licensed producer. The seller must be registered to sell cannabis products only to the patients; not to the general public. As cannabis is currently available in a variety of forms; it is better to check the state regulations and make sure you avail safe and reliable services for purchase.


cannabis clinic