Cannabis Barcelona
Cannabis Barcelona

From the past few years, many scientists around the world have presented studies about the incredible benefits of cannabis products. That is why most of the countries these days are making efforts for the legalization of marijuana and cannabis collections. However, the trend of cannabis culture at Barcelona is now being revolutionized with cannabis clubs. You can easily find numbers of the popular club in this area where people love to visit more often. It is not just for the local population; rather, these clubs are famous on weed tourism point of view as well.

There are more than 300 cannabis clubs in Barcelona, but you will find it difficult to schedule a visit to all of them during your short visit to this city. Well, don’t worry! We can help you to choose some of the best options to explore in the area.

  1. Marijuana Barcelona

Here is one of the top-rated cannabis club in Barcelona. Although it doesn’t appear that attractive with its first look; you may find one thing much better than other Barcelona clubs here and that is its atmosphere. The chilled music with great clientele makes it a must visit choice for all cannabis lovers.

Marijuana Barcelona is located at the Gothic Quarter, exactly next to the Placa Reial; one of the most convenient and easy to access location in the city. You can reach at this well-connected club with ease from any corner of the world. Moreover, the staff members at this site are super friendly, professionally trained and dedicated enough to serve customers with top-notch facilities. Whether you are convenient in speaking Spanish, Italian or English, the professional teams here can assist you well in your language. It is definitely good to schedule your visit to this club during your upcoming visit to Barcelona.

  1. Dragon Cannabis Club:

Dragon Cannabis Club, another famous place to enjoy cannabis collection at Barcelona is located in the coolest areas in the city, i.e. EI Born. This place is well known for the numbers of top-notch boutique businesses along with mouth-watering food points. Tourists may find it the best choice to get lost with a high dose of best weed collections available in the city. The biggest advantage of spending time at this club is their fantastic collection of strains.

Those who are interested in finding some of the best collections of weed products are advised to visit this most convenient location. Although this club was launched just a few years ago; it has gained huge popularity in a short time due to its experienced staff members and great ambiance. This coffee shop Barcelona gives a very pleasant and cool look with musical vibrations. Unlimited people visit this place every year, and there is enough seating space inside where you can enjoy with friends. Probably, there is no other place to hit the bongs while cherishing decorative arrangements all around.

  1. Barcelona Weed Club:

This Barcelona weed club is famous for its cool coffeeshop ambiance where visitors can ensure friendly and reliable services all the time. There are so many good things to know about this club but still, it is not ranked high in the list of best Barcelona clubs and the prime reasons behind that is the higher price range. Although they are not much high, at least higher than the most other Barcelona weed clubs in the area. However, still, tourists are crazy about getting a membership for this club. Probably just to enjoy the great atmosphere and impressive décor arrangements.

If you are interested in getting a membership for this social cannabis club Barcelona at a reasonable price, it is better to take help from the local people to get a cheap offer. You can enjoy the best experience at this coolest place where people gather to have fun all the time.

  1. Barcelona Coffeeshop:

Here is another fantastic coffee cannabis club in the city that is modeled to lead an impressive ambiance and cool atmosphere. Although you will not find the huge projectors and pool tables at this location, they ensure quality service with knowledgeable and friendly staff. Note that, this famous club is located in the Eixample area in Barcelona city that is well connected to all popular places around. Even if you are visiting Barcelona for the first time, you can reach this coffee shop with ease.

You can book the table in advance to ensure additional comfort; however, those who visit without booking also find it convenient and entertaining for their needs. There is an extensive range of strains with comfy seats where you can spend a few hours in a completely relaxing mode. This place is the best choice for those who want to enjoy some of the unique flavors of weed products. Moreover, you can avail membership of this Coffee shop Barcelona at a reasonable price.

  1. G13 Barcelona:

G13 has also grabbed position among top five cannabis clubs in Barcelona with its cool and elegant ambiance. People find it the perfect choice for getting high, and after taking your weed shots, you can also move out for sightseeing in the beautiful area around. There is no doubt to say that tourists will be extremely happy while visiting this club; or in short, it is definitely worth visiting for all the cannabis lovers.

There is a wide range of impressive cannabis strains; you can try them all at a reasonable price. The most amazing thing to know about this club is that service providers here are truly professional about their work. You will definitely find their assistance more friendly and convenient for all your needs. Moreover, this club is located at an easy to access location; even first-time visitors can reach here with ease. So, if you are staying in this area during your visit to Barcelona, it is good to spare a few hours to enjoy unique weed collections at this cannabis club.

  1. Club Cannabis:

How can we forget to talk about Club Cannabis? It is one of the most popular cannabis clubs in the Barcelona area that stays open for the late night so that you can enjoy the best flavors during your visits. It is also possible to join their membership by just paying a small amount and soon you will be able to access all latest product collections with ease. This club is located in a convenient part of the city where you can reach instantly by choosing public transport or even by driving yourself. Here you can enjoy the complete collection of some of the best Cannabis Barcelona products in the market. Moreover, the service providers are ready to assist you with all your needs.

Club Cannabis has gained historical look with its classy vibes and amazing ambiance. You will find it the best approach to make your Barcelona trip memorable and full of fun as well. Note that, they offer a wide range of products with genuine price tags. People find this club best choice to have fun with friends while enjoying the best flavors of weed products online.

  1. Weed Hush:

This cannabis club is known for having all great brands of weed products. People find its a perfect place to chill out in a five-star atmosphere. Here you will find huge seating space with the perfect ambiance. People find it one of the most relaxing places to try some of the best weed products and to get high without any worries. The experienced service providers take care of all your needs to ensure complete satisfaction. You can also check their website or social media page to know more about their unique collections.

Weed Hush is known for its budget-friendly approach; beginners find it the most convenient place to start with their favorite cannabis product. You can drive to this place from any popular place in the city or get assistance from public transport to reach this location. Prefer to book your table in advance to avail special treatment at this site. It will definitely bring real satisfaction to your mind while delivering some of the best flavors in the market.


So, you have gone through the list of top-rated cannabis clubs in the city. Note that, it doesn’t end with these seven platforms only, you can find many other professional level cannabis clubs around. The idea is to check reviews added by early visitors first. They can help you to make the right decision about the selection of the best club for the upcoming visit. As all clubs cannot be explored in on the go, it is better to choose some of the best ones out of the long list. With this visit, you will be able to enjoy the most memorable time in the city while enjoying some of the best flavors of weed Barcelona products.

Cannabis Barcelona