So, you have graduated from your college now, and it is time to step into a new professional life. Well! It is time to uplift your style and standard, and it clearly means you need to look for a trendy bong as well. Market these days is loaded with the best quality bong products that you can find at variable price ranges. But with the tons of option available, it becomes little difficult to choose the best one.

If you are also facing the same trouble; go through the list below to pick the best bongs for the year 2018:

  • The Black Leaf 4Arm Perc Bong:

This bong is known for its high-quality design and durable glass finishing that make it a long-lasting option for users. The ash catcher in this product is finished with an attractive blue color whereas the ice notches work more efficiently while ensuring a smoother hit. It is a super affordable product so you can order it online without breaking the bank.

  • Twisted Dragon Bong:

If you want a creative and unique finish for your bong, why not to look for the twisted dragon bong designed by Empire Glassworks. The water pipe of this bong is made up of a pure glass material, and it has a dragon-like a shape that wraps around the neck of the bong. This product comes with a male bowl having 14mm dimension and is finished using solid glass material to ensure long life service.

  • Flared Water Pipe Bong with Fixed Downstem:

This bong is the really good choice for all youngsters, and it is well priced; you need not break the bank to buy this piece. People find it pretty simple to use where the ice pitch allow easy addition of ice cubes to bring the temperature to the lower level. This product also comes with a special male bong fit.

  • Bi-Turbo Goldeneye Fire and Water Bong:

This product is rated high due to its 100% borosilicate glass material. You will be happy to know that it is designed using anti-breaking technology so investing in this bong can definitely ensure you amazing results for the long run. This grand product features intricate filtration system with a unique design that leads to a well-circulated and pure hit. The traditional style, plain look make it appear more attractive with easy to use design.

This list includes the best ones out of top 10 bongs for the year 2018. Hope! This information will help you to make an easy decision for your upcoming purchase.