CANNABIS CULTURE  – Kush has been popular for a long time and especially across America. Known for its aggressive aroma and long lasting taste, Kush has made its way into the homes of most gardens across the Europe also.

Kush landraces can be found growing wild in the Himalayas. The most popular varieties are found in the Hindu Kush Mountain range which runs along the border between Afghanistan and Pakistan.

This strip of mountainous land runs over 500 miles and the climate in this region of the Earth experiences hot days and cold nights. Due to the geographical location, Kush landraces will flower in a short time with a naturally high resistance to cold temperatures.

Cannabinoid levels and terpenes profiles combined can make Kush strains highly therapeutic, making them a go to for medicinal patients seeking relief. Kush strains have a very heavy bodied effect, which can cause couch lock with a narcotic edge. Kush varieties will be indica dominant and will be associated with helping inflammation, aches and pains, insomnia and appetite suppression.

There have been some Kush hybrids recently that are testing between 28% – 33% and whilst setting records for the most potent strains on Earth, the potential to increase THC levels seems greater than ever before.

One of the unique selling points about Kush is not just the knockout potency they offer, but the aggressive, fuel, gassy, citrus, earthy terpenes profiles associated with them. Kush strains will certainly be the most pungent and loudest from the main flavour profiles of gassy, earthy, fruity and floral.

A well grown Kush in my opinion is the best type of flower that can be grown but my that is my personal opinion. Not everyone is a fan of a mouth lingering, petrol, lemony after taste and when growing these strains, be extra careful during the flowering stage and especially when drying and storing.

Original Kush strains are fully indica and will express itself by growing short and stocky, with thick side branches that grow all the way to the top of the central cola. Internodal spacing will be minimal and when flowered, the stretch will be short lived and easy to control.

The range of old school varieties to modern day O.G Kush hybrids range from Afghan Kush, Hindu Kush, Master Kush, Bubba Kush, King’s Kush, Pineapple Kush, O.G Kush, Kosher Kush, White Fire O.G, San Fernando Valley O.G, True O.G and many more.

When training Kush strains, It is a good idea to prune away some of the fan leaves which can cause light to be blocked from the lowest growing shoots. An excellent tip with Kush strains is to grow them in a sea of green, where they will grow uniform and the final height will be between 120-150cm.

Flowering times will be short and a grower indoors can expect to harvest with 7-8 weeks. The bud structure is small and dense, with flowering sites growing at every internode. The final yield may not be as high as if growing a hybrid or sativa dominant variety, however for breeding with Kush landrace are an excellent breeding block.

One thing that is worth noting is that some O.G Kush hybrids can be very finicky and low producing plants, so do not be too surprised when the best thing you ever smoked was also the smallest producing also.

As far as growing outdoor in the UK is concerned, Kush varieties are advantageous in terms of a short flowering time, strong resistance to cold and wet weather, a high tolerance to plant pathogens and an overall resilience to cold nights.

A great choice for beginner growers and those who are limited to grow space. If you are fortunate enough to grow in Spain then you can achieve some amazing harvests with the Mediterranean climate.

Taking a trip to the motherland and visiting Amsterdam will reveal some of the best Kushes around. Now dependant on where you go, if you know the spots you can pick up some belting Kushes.

Expect to pay between 15-18 euro per gram and don’t expect much in return as far as the size of the flower. Finding out for yourself is the only way and even though it will be an expensive venture, true Kush lovers will travel far and wide for the finest flowers around.

Now you should be aware that Kush strain are well known for a potent, sometimes uncontrollable odour that requires triple bagging when transporting around. It is a good idea to be extra careful when growing Kush and especially when drying flowers. Personally I find Kush to the most wonderful thing on the planet and am proud to be a Kush man!.