Portland, Oregon is a mecca for cannabis lovers everywhere. One of the first places to legalize and decriminalize the magic herb, it was the home of the first cannabis cafe to open in the US (RIP World Famous Cannabis Cafe) and houses the country’s first CBD cafe, too.

Unlike our friends in Canada who nearly ran out of weed on day one, Oregon is so rife with growers that the state has more cannabis than people can consume. This happy accident means having access to a wide range of products at low prices, making Portland the place to be for all things green.

Folks today can enjoy Portland’s 167 dispensaries alongside some of the best food in the country. Whether you choose to explore the city’s many hiking trails or zip around town on a motorized scooter, there are a million and one ways to get your green on in this joyous city.

First things first: Click here to view a map of Portland cannabis shops on Leafly.

Portland’s Cannabis Laws

  • You must be 21 and older with a valid legal photo ID to buy cannabis.
  • You’re allowed to grow up to four plants on your property, possess up to eight ounces of cannabis, and have up to one ounce on your person.
  • You can’t sell or smoke recreational cannabis in public or anywhere with a liquor license.
  • You can’t drive while under the influence of cannabis.
  • You can gift cannabis if you’re 21 and older, so long as the giver doesn’t receive compensation and the gifted amount is within legal limits.
  • You’re allowed to purchase up to one ounce of flower, 72 oz of liquid edible (i.e. Muru cannamixers), 16 oz of edibles, 5 grams of concentrates, 4 plants and 10 seeds.

Top Portland Cannabis Shops

Some stores have menus displayed prominently overhead while others have booklets. Feel free to ask a budtender if you need any help or want to smell something. The best dispensaries might even have lab results or terpene reports for you to check out.

Note: The standard taxation rate for cannabis in the state of Oregon is 20%. Most dispensaries factor this into the final price but not all, so be sure to double check if in doubt.

A Complete Traveler's Guide to Cannabis in Portland 1
(Courtesy of Jayne)

Jayne is class, pure and simple. Step inside and the first thing you’ll be met with is a comfy waiting area replete with a giant bowl of candy, comfy couches, and a very lifelike cannabis display. You’ll find some of the city’s most patient budtenders who are more than happy to lend a helping hand. Enjoy flower from some of the state’s finest growers like East Fork Cultivars, Pilot Farm, and Deschutes Growery.

View Jayne’s Menu

With two locations in Portland, the vibes inside this stylized 70s den are all groovy, baby. A colorful storefront gives way to decked out retro gear. A record player, fur rugs, and lots of art give it a fun, upbeat feel that encourages browsing. Cannabis varietals here are also helpfully categorized in terms of their effect, with vibes ranging from active to cosmic. Grab grams here for as low as $4.

View Electric Lettuce’s Menu

Walking inside here is like stepping into Willy Wonka’s factory of all things cannabis. There’s more product lining every inch of the walls than you could possibly hope to smoke in a lifetime. Folks can enjoy some of the most extensive flower, concentrate, andedibles selections in the state. They also host weekly specials with great deals on everything in store.

View Cannadaddy’s Wellness Center Menu

A Complete Traveler's Guide to Cannabis in Portland 2
(Courtesy of Bridge City Collective)

Bridge City has two locations in Portland and is home to some of the most knowledgeable budtenders around. They are also one of the only dispensaries in town that list terpenes found in their flower selection, providing you with all the info you need to make a truly informed choice.

View Bridge City Collective’s Menu

Top Portland Delivery Options

Can’t make it to a shop? Experience Portland’s quick delivery services.

One of the finest delivery services in the city, Hello Diem offers free delivery to residential areas in Portland. They operate from 12—9, with orders before 7pm delivered same-day. Enjoy products from the Diem brand at great prices and an extremely well-stocked concentrates selection.

I Heart Jane is a very user-friendly platform where you can search by mood. This allows you to search directly for ailments like insomnia, pain, or even just a “happy” strain.

Briteside is extremely well-designed, making for a streamlined, simple shopping experience. They also offer a recurring delivery service, so you can have a box full of goodies delivered to your door at the same time every week. Check their website for a handy blog chock full of industry info and cannabis best practices.

Rip City is here to service all your SW Portland needs. Same-day orders stop at 8pm, with a minimum purchase of $40 for delivery. You’ll find a nice variety of products represented here including some of the cheapest PAX pods in town.