We are young only once and this is the only reason why we tend to make so many mistakes. We try to live life big and do all the things our parents stopped us from doing. This includes smoking weed. Marijuana is a part of everyone’s life and every single person has some good or bad memories associated with marijuana. You should be aware that smoking marijuana is quite deadly and has a lot of bad effects, for example, it can give you cancer and damage each and every organ of your body. Marijuana also has some redeeming factors too, it can be used to stop cancer and can help calm down people who suffer from epilepsy fits and anxiety. If you are above 18 then it is up to you to decide what’s good for you and what’s not. Many of the hotels throughout The United States have banned smoking in hotel premises but if you are a smoker or a vaper and would like to travel then there are more than 420 friendly hotels available for your comfort.


420 friendly hotels

We all want to go away by ourselves but the problem is that most of the hotels in The United States of America don’t even allow smoking cigarettes much less marijuana even though Marijuana is allowed in more than 21 states. We have some good news for those people who want to go alone and have some cannabis without worrying about life problems we all face, there are hotels in the United States that allow cannabis in their terrain. We have found 420 friendly hotels that allow cannabis on their premises.

Some of the beautiful cannabis friendly hotels are as follows:

1) Rustic Cabins – Cannabis Friendly Mountain Retreat

420 friendly hotels
420 friendly hotels

We all dream of running away and staying in the mountains, our peaceful thoughts and just us. You won’t have to dream anymore, Rustic Cabins in Bellvue are available for rent and are 420 friendly. They have a scenic view as they are on the river and you get to live near the mountains and the river! The best thing about these cabins is that smoking is allowed (not only tobacco but weed is also allowed). The cabins are totally clean and you will get some quality time with yourself. You will also get to socialize with a lot of people will be staying in other available cabins. 2 guests can easily stay in one cabin as there are two bathrooms and bedrooms available. It is a great choice to stay here.

2) Steam Train Hotel Antonito

This beautiful red brick hotel is in Antonito, Colorado. The location of this is in historic Conejos County. The majestic Rocky Mountains are around the city of Antonito and give us the feeling of calmness. This is one of the 420 friendly hotels as Cannabis is allowed in Colorado. It is located in downtown so you won’t get bored easily.


We hope this article proved helpful for you. If there is a hotel that allows smoking and you would like to recommend it, then please do comment in the comments section below and share with us.




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