Tips For Passing a Drug Test For Marijuana

Do you have a drug test for marijuana coming up? Most of the times, drug testing are for those who applied for a new job. There are some industries where there is a policy of a random drug test. Medical and recreational marijuana has been legalized in many states. This has caused the companies to conduct a drug test more than ever. In this article, we have listed some tips for you to pass the drug test.

Before, moving towards the tips, you have to some other information. Take a look at the things you should know before the drug test.

Drug Test you Will Be Taking

There are various types of drug test, the common type is urine analysis. You can take this test in a private place at your workplace. You will be given a strip and sent to the bathroom. Sometimes, you are sent to a 3rd party lab.

How Long Marijuana Stays In Your System

Another thing you should is that how long marijuana stays in your system. Everybody’s body reacts differently to marijuana depending on the body fat, weight, metabolism and other factors. If you use marijuana regularly, it can stay in your system for 90 days after in taking marijuana. For a healthy person, it might take 30 to 45 days to get clean.

Moreover, if you have smoked marijuana on a weekend with friends, it might take 2 days to get out of your system.

Tips For Passing the Drug Test

There are various ways through which you can pass a drug test. Here are some of the tips for passing a drug test.

Replacing The Urine

One of the best tips for passing a urine analysis is by replacing your urine. You can either use a urine of another person or buy a synthetic urine. There are various brands that offer you the best synthetic urine for passing the drug tests. It is created in a lab that can be used for 1 to 2 years. You can use this option when you are uncertain of time when you will be getting a drug test. It is obvious that you cannot ask for urine from others as it doesn’t seem appropriate.

Furthermore, synthetic urine is great as it comes up with the right equipment to maintain the correct temperature. It is imperative for you to check the date of expiration on the box. The best synthetic urine will always have an expiration date.


Another great tip for passing the drug test us by exercising. Unfortunately, it will only work if you over 72 hours before the test. You should do as less exercise as possible if you are less than 3 days away. This because the THC is absorbed into the fat cells. When you burn more off the fat by exercising, it will be released. It is better to burn more fats, but once you are 72 hours away, you must stop burning your fat.

Therefore, when you are getting a drug test, keep in mind not use the first and last part of your urine. You should only use the midstream of your urine for the sample. This is because it contains lower toxin levels. If you are looking of the best synthetic urine, visit our website for more information. Have you passed a drug test for marijuana? Share your experience with us.

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